October 10

Zambezi National Park: A Safari Guide


October 10, 2023

Emerging from the lush wetlands of northern Zambia, the magnificent Zambezi River, Africa's fourth-longest, meanders through four nations and grazes two more before it finally vanishes into the embrace of the Indian Ocean. But, if you follow this river's sinuous path into Zimbabwe, a hidden gem shall be unveiled... Here lies Zambezi National Park, a sanctum for wildlife tucked away a mere stone's throw from Victoria Falls.

The Zambezi River in Zambezi National Park

The Zambezi River is the fourth-longest in Africa, Image Credit: Victoria Falls River Lodge

What Makes Zambezi National Park Special?

At Rhino Africa, we're not just travel experts but seasoned explorers who've crisscrossed the African continent in search of its most elusive treasures. If it exists, we've traversed the length and breadth of the continent to uncover it.

This is precisely why Zambezi National Park holds an extraordinary place in our hearts among Africa's remarkable destinations. So, what sets it apart? Well, we're delighted you asked!

Woman in infinity pool overlooking the Zambezi River

Enjoy a sumptuous stay while taking in the stunning surroundings, Image Credit: Victoria Falls River Lodge

Zambezi National Park's unique sparkle distinguishes it from other wild spaces. With wildlife as diverse as it's profuse, unique activities, luxury riverside lodges, and close proximity to Victoria Falls, the National Park has certainly earned an elevated status among the world's most celebrated conservation areas for safaris.

Sunset drinks during a river cruise

Sunset drinks during a river cruise, Image Credit: Mpala Jena Camp

Wildlife in Zambezi National Park

Deep within the heart of Zambezi National Park, an untamed wilderness unfolds, teeming with a spirited cast of characters. Here, you'll cross paths with the elephant, lion, buffalo, and leopard – some celebrated members of the Big 5 ensemble. Yet, do not presume that the spotlight belongs solely to these protagonists of the animal kingdom...

Elephant sighting on a game drive

You'll have the chance to spot mammals both big and small, Image Credit: Victoria Falls River Lodge

As you venture deeper into this rugged expanse, the light of discovery widens. Amidst the dappled shadows, the rustling grasses and along the river's edge, wildlife like sable, eland, zebra, giraffe, kudu, waterbuck, and impala commonly appear. These are but a few of the many creatures that share this domain.

The Zambezi River’s peaceful shores attract a host of wildlife

The Zambezi River’s peaceful shores attract an array of wildlife

Feathered and Scaley Companions Abound As Well

But that's not all! Zambezi National Park holds even more riches. Over 400 bird species are part of this avian treasure chest, including the regal Pel's fishing owl, African skimmer, collared palm thrush, numerous falcons, the goliath heron, African finfoots, and so many more!

Goliath heron in the shallows of the Zambezi River

Zambezi National Park is home to a wide range of bird species 

And, beneath the surface of its waters, the Zambezi River hides another trove of vitality. Around 75 fish species call these waters home, including the renowned tigerfish, a formidable foe for anglers seeking thrilling fishing feuds with this powerful aquatic predator.

Tiger fishing in the Zambezi River

Tigerfish are world-renowned among fishermen for their aggressive nature and fierce fighting

Safari Activities in Zambezi National Park

Thanks to the region's defining river feature, your adventure takes on a whole new dimension beyond traditional Zambezi National Park game drives. Here, you can take to the water on a boat safari, cruising past hippos and crocodiles as you savour an African sunset while a host of animals gather along the riverbanks for a refreshing drink.

Enjoy dreamy sunset cruises on the river

Enjoy dreamy sunset cruises on the river, Image Credit: Victoria Falls River Lodge

For those craving a more audacious escapade, guided walking safaris beckon, offering an intimate and exhilarating experience. Forge a deep connection with nature as you feel the earth beneath your feet, tracking wildlife alongside seasoned guides who share their profound knowledge of the land.

Walking safari in Zambezi National Park

Walking safaris bring you closer to nature, Image Credit: Victoria Falls River Lodge

And if Victoria Falls finds its place on your bucket list, rest assured that its close proximity presents a plethora of excursions, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the grandeur of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Victoria Falls between Zambia and Zimbabwe

The Victoria Falls between Zambia and Zimbabwe

And remember we mentioned those fierce tigerfish? Well, for avid anglers seeking a thrilling challenge, fishing expeditions on the Zambezi River await (with the noble principle of catch and release, naturally!). Here, you can match your wits and skill against these robust river-swimmers, crafting your own tales of conquest in Africa.

Fishing excursion on the Zambezi River

The river is ideal for game-fishing with waters brimming with tigerfish and bream, Image Credit: Victoria Falls River Lodge

Best Time for a Safari in Zambezi National Park

The best time to visit Zambezi National Park is during the dry season, usually from July to October. During these months, nature's hand thins the foliage, and water sources begin to wane, making it easier to spot animals during game drives and walks. Moreover, the mild winter temperatures ensure comfortable days and cool nights.

Observing elephants from an elevated viewing deck

Indulge and discover Zimbabwe's precious natural wonders, Image Credit: Victoria Falls River Lodge

Places to Stay in Zambezi National Park

To complete your Zambezi National Park sojourn, one requires a sanctuary worthy of the adventures ahead. Allow us to introduce you to our handpicked selection of esteemed abodes.

A selection of sophisticated riverside accommodation

A selection of sophisticated riverside accommodation, Image Credit: Victoria Falls River Lodge

Take the Plunge!

Don't miss the chance to experience the magic of Zambezi National Park and discover the hidden treasures of Africa. We'll be your guides to this destination and many more. 

Whether you're a seasoned traveller or a first-time explorer, we're here to tailor your journey to your wildest desires. Start planning your safari today!

Feature Image: Victoria Falls River Lodge

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