October 16

Six of The Best: Silvan Safari is Africa’s Leading Luxury Lodge Again! Silvan Safari Blog


October 16, 2023

Those who've had the pleasure of experiencing the enchanting allure of Silvan Safari will understand it's more than just a destination; it's a symphony of unforgettable soul-stirring moments. Silvan Safari is not merely a spectacle to behold but a sensation to experience, a jubilant celebration of the delicate tapestry of life where every thread is vital, including our cherished guests. In the spirit of celebration, we're thrilled to unveil some exhilarating news!

Leopard in a tree at Silvan Safari in Sabi Sand

Leopards are a very common sight at Silvan Safari 

Silvan Safari is Africa's Premier Luxury Lodge (Again!)

With immense joy and pride, we announce that Silvan Safari has once again been adorned with accolades at the esteemed World Travel Awards. Marking 2023 as our sixth triumphant year as the recipients of both South Africa's and Africa's Leading Luxury Lodge and reinforcing our commitment to excellence and luxury.

As the Manyeleti River flows after summer rains, a cascade of gratitude flows from our hearts to yours – to every guest, supporter, and individual who cast their vote in our favour. Your support is the wind beneath our wings, and this victory is a testament to your belief in us and your ongoing support.

Hippo in the water at Silvan Safari in Sabi Sand

Magical moments like these await around every corner at Silvan Safari

Cheers to YOU

To our dedicated team at Silvan Safari, let this achievement be a beacon of pride and joy, illuminating the path of excellence you tread daily. This award mirrors your indomitable spirit and unwavering dedication, making it every bit as much yours as it is Silvan Safari's, for it's you who bring the very spirit we're renowned for! 

Couple enjoying sundowners on safari at Silvan Safari

Cheers to being recognised as the best! 

Silvan Safari has always celebrated the connection between all living things. And each thread is spun from the stories of our guests, the cheers of our supporters, and the hard work of our team. 

Together, you form the cornerstone of our legacy, playing an instrumental role in sharing the magic of Silvan Safari with the world. With deep gratitude, we acknowledge your part in our Silvan Safari story.

Embark on a Journey to Africa's Finest Luxury Lodge!

Reisejahr 2022: Pirschfahrt von der Silvan Safari Lodge

The experiences we enjoy from the back of a safari vehicle live long in our hearts and minds

Are you prepared to immerse yourself in the epitome of African luxury? At Silvan Safari, you can experience what it means to stay at (officially) the continent's very best luxury lodge. We're eager to share the magic encapsulated within our walls and the wilderness surrounding us.

If the allure of Silvan Safari beckons, and you wish to craft your own tale, reach out to our Travel Experts to commence planning your life-changing journey today!

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