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A Luxury Train Trip Through Africa in Pictures

By Marlin Clark on
October 26, 2023

Get a glimpse of what it's like to travel on a luxury train trip through Africa, with a spotlight on the illustrious Rovos Rail. Join us as we journey through Southern Africa's beauty in true style. 


Rovos Rail exterior train station

Guests await eagerly at Rovos Rail Station in Pretoria to depart, Image Credit: Rovos Rail 

Step onto the elegant Rovos Rail luxury train as your extraordinary sojourn begins. With a wealth of incredible journeys to choose from, our dedicated Travel Experts are here to curate your perfect experience. All aboard for an unforgettable voyage!


Full-steam ahead to adventure, Image Credit: Rovos Rail

As the train starts up, a palpable sense of excitement fills the air. This old-world meets modern luxury experience is perfect for a romantic getaway, promising magical memories and fairytale vistas ahead.


Step inside your luxurious sanctuary on rails, Image Credit: Rovos Rails

From spacious, full-frills Rail Suites with private lounges and en-suite Victorian baths to cosy Pullman Suites, your journey promises the highest standards of comfort and modern amenities. Your hotel on wheels awaits, ensuring a luxurious stay.


Rovos Rail interior deluxe double suite

Make yourself at home in your luxury Deluxe Suite on Rovos Rail, Image Credit: Rovos Rail

The Deluxe Suite epitomises sophistication and comfort. Its private lounge area and en-suite bathroom provide a perfect retreat during your journey. Here, you'll enjoy the highest standard of luxury as you traverse the stunning landscapes.


Spacious luxury bathroom in the deluxe suite

Step into opulence in the Royal Suite's bathroom, where elegant fittings elevate your experience, Image Credit: Rovos Rail

As its name suggests, the Royal Suite offers a truly regal experience with an exquisite en-suite bathroom. This bathroom is a sanctuary in itself, boasting a Victorian bath, a separate shower, a toilet, and a basin.


The Royal Suite welcomes you to its generous private lounge area, Image Credit: Rovos Rail

If cramped carriages come to mind when you think of train travel, think again. The Rovos Rail is all about creating surprisingly spacious spaces. And grandeur takes centre stage in the Royal Suite. With a private lounge area that easily accommodates two, this suite is a testament to luxury on the move.


Rovos Rail exterior Garden Route

Get a different perspective of the Garden Route, Image Credit: Rovos Rail

Travelling along the Garden Route by rail will compel you to keep your eyes fixed on the natural splendour outside your window. This scenic route unveils the diverse landscapes, pristine coastlines, and dramatic cliffs of South Africa. It's a visual masterpiece best witnessed in person. So, remember to pack your camera!


Raise a glass to luxury onboard the Rovos Rail, Image Credit: Rovos Rail

Rovos Rail offers more than just a journey – it's an experience. As you sip a cocktail at the bar, socialise in the observation car or savour gourmet meals, you'll find that every moment is an opportunity to switch off modern distractions and revel in the moment. 


It's time to unplug, slow down, and cherish moments of connection, Image Credit: Rovos Rail

When you board one of the Rovos Rail trains, the aim isn't to rush to your destination but to slow down, disconnect from the outside world, and rediscover the joy of connecting with loved ones (and yourself!).


Take a seat in the Observation Car with large windows, Image Credit: Rovos Rail

Spend time in the Observation Car, taking in the views from the many windows that frame the stunning landscapes of Southern Africa. Let the scenery captivate you as you become part of the unfolding story.


All aboard the Pride of Africa, Image Credit: Rovos Rail

Proudly wearing the title of "The Pride of Africa", Rovos Rail embodies the spirit and beauty of our continent. It offers travellers an authentic and luxurious way to explore its wide range of landscapes, cultures, and wildlife. It's a true symbol of African excellence and an experience that captures the essence of this extraordinary part of the world. 


You'll already feel at home in the departure lounge, Image Credit: Rovos Rail

Step into the heart of Rovos Rail at Capital Park, Pretoria. Once a bustling locomotive hub, this station now serves as the departure point for most journeys. Explore a growing railway museum and vast carriage sheds, all maintained by dedicated personnel. It's an insider's glimpse into the world of luxury rail travel.


Discover hidden treasures, from iconic landmarks to lesser-known gems, Image Credit: Rovos Rail

When you journey by train, you don't just pass by – you pause to appreciate a rich tapestry of sights. From renowned landmarks to hidden treasures like the Big Hole in Kimberley, each stop is a chance to discover the unique essence of the destination.


Perfect the art of daydreaming from your window, Image Credit: Rovos Rail

The Rovos Rail celebrates the unhurried journey where the luxury of time allows you to daydream and drink in the landscapes outside your window. With the train's leisurely pace, travelling at just 60 kilometres per hour, you'll find that every passing moment becomes an opportunity to appreciate the beauty of Southern Africa.


Rovos Rail's public lounge is the heart of socialising while on board, Image Credit: Rovos Rail

Rovos Rail's lounge is more than a place to relax. Here, you can connect with fellow travellers, enjoy the company, and lose yourself in a good book. At 16:30, tea is served, offering a delightful break. On select long journeys, an onboard historian hosts enriching lectures, adding depth to your travel experience.


Nature's canvas as the sun sets and the stars come out, Image Credit: Rovos Rail

As the sun sets, the Rovos Rail journey takes on a serene beauty. The colours of the fading day gently paint the landscape, creating a tranquil ambience that enchants all on board.


Evenings are where fine dining meets the romance of the rails, Image Credit: Rovos Rail

Evenings on Rovos Rail celebrate sophistication, with passengers donning their finest evening wear to dine on exquisite four-course dinners. These culinary delights are perfectly complemented by the finest South African wines. Step into the dining cars and indulge in a culinary journey as memorable as the landscapes rolling by.


fine dining on the rovos rail

A culinary odyssey awaits on Rovos Rail, Image Credit: Marlin Clark

Dining aboard The Rovos Rail is a gastronomic experience. Guests can expect culinary masterpieces showcasing South African flavours and artistry. Each dish is a feast for the senses, from tender meats to delectable desserts.


Exceptional service in action, where every need is met with a smile and a touch of elegance, Image Credit: Rovos Rail

A team of dedicated professionals will satisfy your every whim while onboard. From butlers to the attentive crew, they prioritise your comfort, transforming your journey into an unforgettable, pampered escape.


A Namibian safari is an otherwordly experience, Image Credit: Rovos Rail

Embark on a 9-11 day excursion from Pretoria, South Africa, to the enchanting Walvis Bay in Namibia with Rovos Rail. Traverse spellbinding landscapes, from the Highveld's savannahs to the Atlantic's pristine shores, and relish phenomenal stops along the way. Explore the awe-inspiring Kalahari Desert and encounter the wonders of Namibia on a journey that promises to be truly extraordinary.


wildlife sightings namibia

Namibia's untamed landscapes reveal a world of wildlife to encounter, Image Credit: Rovos Rail

As you journey through Namibia, keep your eyes peeled for a remarkable array of wildlife. From the graceful cheetahs of the Kalahari Desert to the majestic elephants of Etosha National Park, Namibia's landscapes offer incredible animal sighting opportunities. Don't miss the chance to witness these creatures in their natural habitats, often gathering at the watering holes, making every moment a thrilling safari.


Soak in every moment of the journey with your loved one, Image Credit: Rovos Rail

The luxurious sofas offer the perfect place to relax and watch the world pass by. Whether travelling solo or with a loved one, these cosy seats provide a haven of comfort and intimacy, making your journey even more memorable.


Explore wildlife, history, and breathtaking landscapes, Image Credit: Rovos Rail

Experience a two-night safari from Pretoria to Durban during the summer months. Explore the Nambiti Conservancy, a malaria-free Big 5 private game reserve in KwaZulu-Natal, and delve into history at the historic battlefields from Spionkop Lodge. Then, journey through the stunning Valley of a Thousand Hills before reaching Durban.


Your luxury train trip in Africa awaits, Image Credit: Rovos Rail

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