October 31

Zambezi River Experiences

October 31, 2023

When mentioning the Zambezi River, most think of Victoria Falls, where this colossal river asserts its might by plunging a staggering 354 feet to the churning chasm below. However, we're here to tell you that the Zambezi's claim to fame isn't solely this world-famous waterfall but also its vibrant ecosystem and the amazing adventures it hosts. 

Canoe safari at sunset

Discover the Zambezi River's multifaceted allure that goes beyond Victoria Falls, Image Credit: Royal Zambezi Lodge

Where is The Zambezi River?

Winding its way through six countries, the Zambezi River unfolds across 2,574 dazzling kilometres, with Zambia and Zimbabwe serving as its most iconic hosts. Amidst its mighty currents and serene stretches, the river breathes life into spectacular landscapes and nurtures an array of wildlife, offering an irresistible invitation to intrepid travellers.

The Zambezi River in Zambezi National Park

The Zambezi River is the fourth-longest river in Africa, Image Credit: Victoria Falls River Lodge

Activities on the Zambezi River

With its sprawling waters and thriving wildlife, the Zambezi River offers a myriad of activities to enchant thrill-seekers and leisure lovers alike. So, without further ado, join us as we take a look at some of our top experiences...

Hippos in the Zambezi River

Hippos wallowing in the Zambezi River, Image Credit: Time+Tide Chongwe House

1. White Water Rafting

If you have a thirst for thrills, Zambezi River rafting is a tall glass of your favourite drink. Trust us when we say it's not for the faint-hearted, but oh boy, is it fun! Imagine navigating through fierce, frothy waters, with the river's personality shifting from calm to wild in a heartbeat.

With rapids famously named "The Overland Truck-Eater" and "Gnashing Jaws of Death", you're in for a pulse-racing, adrenaline-pumping adventure bound to etch itself into your memory as one of your most exhilarating escapades.

White water rafting in the Zambezi River

The Zambezi River offers the most exciting and adrenaline-fuelled rafting experience, Image Credit: Shearwater Victoria Falls

2. Soothing Canoe Safari

Is white river rafting too wild for you? No problem. For a milder, more tranquil experience, a canoe safari is your calling. Picture yourself drifting languidly on the gentle currents, the air punctuated with distant animal calls and water lapping against your canoe.

As you glide along, witness a parade of elephants, giraffes, zebras and other wildlife ambling to the water's edge for a sip. It's a great way to acquaint yourself with the river's softer side.

Buffalo sighting on the riverbank whilst on a canoe safari

Take your time on a canoe safari gliding along the quiet waters of the Zambezi River, Image Credit: Royal Zambezi Lodge

3. Tigerfish Fishing on The Zambezi River

This next boating experience may require some skill. Angling enthusiasts, prepare for a thrilling tussle with the fierce tigerfish. Whether under the soft morning glow or during a leisurely afternoon, set out for a spirited battle with tigerfish, tilapia bream, elusive barbel, and catfish – all eager to join in the game of tug-of-war.

With kingfishers and herons as your silent supporters, each tug promises a gripping tale of triumph!

Woman posing with her Tiger Fish catch

The world-renowned tigerfish is prolific in the Zambezi River, Image Credit: Sausage Tree Camp

4. Zambezi River Cruise

Unlike rafts and canoes, river cruises present a more spacious and comfortable "craft" experience on the Zambezi River – plus, you've got plenty of variants to choose from!

Opt for a lunch cruise bathed in the brilliant sunlight where the river sparkles and the sky is impossibly blue. Or perhaps a sunset cruise is more your style, where the horizon is set ablaze with the fiery tones of twilight. For a romantic rendezvous, enjoy a dinner cruise where the stars not only twinkle above but on the water's surface, too.

Elephant sighting while on a Zambezi River cruise

Explore the riverbanks, islands and channels on a comfortable river cruise, Image Credit: Chiawa Camp

5. Bird-Watching

The skies, trees, shrubs and shallows that fringe the Zambezi River are adorned with a spectacular array of birdlife, turning the area into a haven for birding enthusiasts. With over 400 species recorded, every dawn brings a symphony of chirps, tweets, and songs from the feathered residents.

With species ranging from crowned cranes, herons and kingfishers to long-toed lapwings, storks and bee-eaters – avid birders as well as casual observers will find the riverbanks utterly captivating.

Bee-eaters against lush green background

The riverbanks are bustling with life, creating captivating photographic moments for birders, Image Credit: Royal Zambezi Lodge

Adrenaline Adventures and Serene Moments Await!

So, with anticipation building and adventure calling, are you ready to explore the Zambezi River with the guidance of our seasoned Travel Experts?

At Rhino Africa, we’ve listened to the river's tales, engaged in its experiences, and are now eager to craft your personal journey that unveils the many faces of the mighty Zambezi! Contact us today, and let's start planning

Featured Image: Sausage Tree Camp

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