November 21

Dare to Take a Dip in Devil’s Pool?


November 21, 2023

From a scenic flight above to the churning gorge below, Victoria Falls boasts a multitude of perspectives, each more awe-inspiring than the last. Yet, for a view that defies convention, nothing rivals a plunge into Devil’s Pool. Perched precariously at the precipice of Victoria Falls, this small, tranquil basin is a contrast to the thunderous waters nearby, offering a swim on the very cusp of one of nature’s greatest wonders.

Devils Pool in Victoria Falls

Devil's Pool in Victoria Falls is a must for adventure-seeking travellers!

Where is Devil’s Pool?

Set within the larger spectacle of Victoria Falls – bordering Zambia and Zimbabwe – Devil's Pool is positioned on the Zambian side of the falls adjacent to the famous Livingstone Island. It's here, at the summit of the cascade, where the Zambezi River gently pools before its dramatic descent, offering intrepid swimmers a once-in-a-lifetime dip. 

Aerial view of Livingstone Island, Devil's Pool and the Falls

Devil's Pool is accessible from Livingstone Island, a short boat ride from the mainland, Image Credit: Livingstone Island

Why is it Called Devil’s Pool?

The moniker "Devil's Pool" might conjure images of a forbidden aquatic playground, yet the reality is far more enthralling than menacing. The name reflects the audacious positioning of this natural "infinity" pool.

It's situated on the brink of a 108-metre drop, presenting a thrilling juxtaposition of calm water a mere stone's throw from the roaring cascade. And the audacity of swimming in such a place perhaps earned it the devilish title – a cheeky nod to those with the nerve to dare its waters!

Two men swimming in Devil's Pool

Swim right on the edge, high above Victoria Falls, Image Credit: Livingstone Island

What's Special About Devil’s Pool?

What sets Devil's Pool apart isn't just its remarkable location. Instead, it's the singular sensation of floating at the frontier between serenity and the sublime. It's an unfiltered communion with nature, where the power of Victoria Falls can be witnessed from an unrivalled vantage point, feeling the force of the Zambezi River right at your fingertips.

Aerial view of people swimming in Devil's Pool

The allure of Devil’s Pool lies in its unique location, Image Credit: Livingstone Island

Is it Safe to Swim in Devil’s Pool?

Safety is naturally a paramount concern when swimming at the edge of one of the world's largest waterfalls. With us, you can rest assured that safety is a top priority.

Access to Devil's Pool is only permitted when water levels are sufficiently low – typically from mid-August to mid-January. During this time, the natural rock barrier comes into its own, allowing for a safe and exhilarating swim under the guidance of experienced local guides.

Devil’s Pool next to Livingstone Island on the edge of Victoria Falls

Water levels are monitored, ensuring every plunge is as safe as it's thrilling, Image Credit: Livingstone Island

What Are the Best Months to Visit Devil’s Pool?

Timing is everything when it comes to visiting Devil’s Pool. The optimum months stretch from September to December, when the dry season curtails the river flow, rendering the pool accessible and swim-friendly.

These months strike the perfect balance between accessibility and the sheer spectacle of the falls, which still boast plenty of thunderous might.

Bird's eye view: Victoria Falls in all its grandeur

Bird's-eye view of Victoria Falls in all its grandeur

Can You Visit Devil’s Pool From the Zimbabwe Side?

While Devil's Pool itself is located on the Zambian side, it's entirely possible to embark on a day trip from Zimbabwe. A short journey – comprising a border crossing and a guided tour – transports you from one nation to the other, ensuring no one misses out on this bucket-list experience due to geographic constraints.

Take a selfie in serene waters resting on the cusp of a ferocious drop

Take a selfie in calm waters resting on the cusp of a ferocious drop, Image Credit: Livingstone Island

What Else Is There to See at Devil’s Pool?

A visit to Devil’s Pool often includes a mini-tour of Livingstone Island, where Dr David Livingstone first set eyes on the falls. You'll also experience a unique panorama of the Main Falls, see the Rainbow Falls (the highest of the Falls), and the Boiling Pot (the launching site of white water rafting trips), capturing the multifaceted beauty of this majestic natural feature.

Early morning view of Victoria Falls from Zambia looking into Zimbabwe

The water levels need to be low enough to expose the rock barrier and allow for safe swimming

Where to Stay

After the day's escapades, retreat to an array of lodgings that cater to every taste. From the colonial grandeur of the Royal Livingstone Hotel, where zebras roam the grounds, to the tranquil island sanctuary of Sindabezi Island, there's an accommodation option to suit your desire for comfort, luxury, or rustic charm.

You're spoiled for choice! Take a look at our curated list of accommodation options at Victoria Falls.

Couple enjoying the views of the Zambezi River from the hotel's sun deck

We can recommend a range of exquisite lodges and hotels in the vicinity, Image Credit: Royal Livingstone

Live Life on the Edge!

Taking a dip in Devil’s Pool at Victoria Falls is a heady mix of natural splendour, memorable moments, and respite that only Africa's wild spaces can offer. With us at Rhino Africa, you're not just witnessing nature's marvels; you're living them. 

So, are you ready to take the plunge? Start planning your adventure today! 

Featured Image: Livingstone Island

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