December 8

Where to Go to Experience the Ultimate African Safari


December 8, 2023

With so much to see and do in Africa, finding somewhere to go can be challenging. So, how do you find a place that has it all? Believe it or not, the perfect combination of stunning scenery, diverse wildlife, and luxurious accommodations does exist. As your African Travel Experts, here are a few destinations we recommend you visit for the ultimate African safari.

Lions on safari

We'll make sure you have the ultimate African safari experience, Image Credit: Wilderness Little Mombo

Where to Go on Your Ultimate African Safari

South Africa

If you're looking for the full package on an African safari, then South Africa is a good place to start. Vibrant vistas of every variety, a wealth of wildlife and some of the leading luxury accommodations on our continent make it a must-visit destination. We're particularly proud of our home and firmly believe it offers the very best in Africa.

One of the things that sets South Africa apart as a destination is its diversity. It truly is a world in one country. With beaches, mountains, culture, cuisine, vineyards, wildlife and more, there's so much to see and do. In fact, you can have an amazing trip without leaving its borders!

Where to Stay

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Winelands Valley Franschhoek

South Africa is a place of incredible natural beauty


An iconic safari destination, Kenya is probably one of the first places that comes to mind when you think of African travel. The sprawling savannah and millions of wildebeest during the Great Migration are the signature depictions of this dream destination. And there's even more good gnus! Kenya has an abundance of wildlife and is arguably the best place on earth to see the Big 5.

However, Kenya is more than just a safari destination. It offers contrasting landscapes, from the snow-covered Mount Kenya peaks to the sun-kissed beaches of the Indian Ocean, with mountains, forests, deserts, and large lakes mixed in between. What are you waiting for? It's time to explore! 

Where to Stay

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The Four Banditos in Masai Mara, Kenya

Kenya has an abundance of wildlife, making it a fantastic destination for the ultimate African safari, Image Credit: Werner Schmäing


Want to dive head-first into the African wild? Look no further than Botswana. Diverse scenery matched only by the wildlife offerings makes this an exceptional destination for those wanting to make the most of their African travels. Plus, it's wonderfully remote for the ultimate digital detox and wellness getaway.

Chobe and the Okavango Delta showcase watery landscapes in spectacular fashion, whilst the Central Kalahari, Kgalagadi and Makgadikgadi Pans (try saying that fast three times) bring a stark yet captivating contrast with their dry, dusty landscapes.

If the scenery isn't enough for you, don't worry. Botswana's wildlife certainly packs a punch. This Big 5 paradise has some of the best game viewing in Africa and the opportunity to do so from the water, too. And what would such a fantastic safari destination be without a smattering of luxury to sweeten the deal? Home to a plethora of top-class luxury lodges, this southern African stunner will wrap you in its embrace and have you begging for more.

Where to Stay

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Elephant sighting whilst on a bush picnic

Enjoy a rich and immersive African safari experience in Botswana, Image Credit: Wilderness Safaris


Wildlife adventures, beach retreats, historic sites, vibrant culture, and delectable dishes – Tanzania offers a complete African journey! Beyond the unmatched animal encounters in iconic reserves like the Serengeti, Selous, Mount Kilimanjaro, Ngorongoro, Arusha, and Nyerere National Park, Tanzania stands out for its holistic African allure.

Whether your goal is to track the Big 5, observe the majestic Great Migration, climb (or simply admire) Africa's tallest peak, explore a Maasai settlement, live the slow island life in Zanzibar, or meander through the lively lanes of Stone Town – our Travel Experts are ready to craft a personalised Tanzanian adventure just for you.

Where to Stay

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The Great Migration on the plains in the Serengeti

Tanzania is home to the world-famous Great Migration

Start Planning the Ultimate African Safari of Dreams

Getting the ultimate African safari experience is easy. But with so much to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to go! We could have listed countless places for you to make the most of your safari experience.

Our team of Travel Experts are the best on the continent and will put together the perfect itinerary to bring your African dream to life. With first-hand experience of everything they recommend, you can rest assured you're in good hands! 

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