December 16

Our Top African Travel Trends for 2024

December 16, 2023

As the world's most awarded safari company, we have our fingers on the pulse of all things Africa. We love our continent and continually innovate and adapt to bring the best luxury experiences to our guests. Here are the top eight African travel trends we see being big news in 2024…

Onguma The Fort is an incredibly unique lodge and the only one of its kind in Namibia

Discover our top African travel trends in 2024, Image Credit: Onguma The Fort

1. Just for You: Hyper-Personalisation 

True luxury lies in the feeling you get when you walk into a space. It's a sense of belonging, of coming home. The art of conjuring this feeling comes down to hyper-personalisation, honing in on you as the guest instead of the masses.

In 2024, this will reign supreme. We've been ahead of this trend for years now and specialise in crafting unique itineraries guided by your interests and what you want to experience in Africa. We also deal directly with our hand-selected luxury suppliers across Africa, making you the centre of your safari story.

Woman taking a quiet moment to herself appreciating the views of the wilderness

Don't settle for anything but the best travel adventures in 2024, Image Credit: Londolozi

2. Melting Pot of Cultures: Authentic Experiences 

We call Africa home, and as locals, we know it better than anyone else. Therefore, we can give you an immersive perspective of our continent.

Africa is vast and peppered with unique, rich cultures and customs, all bringing their own flavour. Spending time getting to know their stories not only draws you in and opens up a whole new world but also draws you in. It teaches you about yourself, inviting quiet reflection.

Maasai Mara in their colourful traditional clothing

Step into the lives of Kenya's Maasai Mara, Image Credit: Governors' Camp

3. The Path Less Travelled: Low Foot Traffic 

Following the previous trend, there will be more requests for off-the-beaten-track destinations. While those big bucket–list items will still remain popular, more guests will want to venture to quieter regions where they can enjoy a stripped-back yet equally thrilling holiday.

Travellers will want to venture into the hidden pockets. For example, Malawi's Liwonde National Park or Mozambique's Gorongosa National Park for an intimate safari excursion, a walking safari through Zambia, or a seaside escape to Zanzibar's best-kept secret, Pongwe Beach.

Manta resort in Zanzibar

Explore Africa's far-flung destinations, Image Credit: Manta Resort

4. Momentous Meanders: Celebration Travel 

In lieu of (or in conjunction with) grand gifts, spending quality time together and marking milestone life events in Africa will reign supreme. Whether it's a group of friends celebrating a big birthday, a destination wedding, or a multi-generational family celebrating a grandparent's 80th birthday, group travel will be a big trend in 2024.

Loved ones value spending time together more than ever. Therefore, we foresee an uptick in bookings for exclusive-use properties with private safari vehicles and guides, in-house chefs, and more

Family sitting around a bonfire

The perfect setting for family bonding, Image Credit: Chongwe Camp

5. On-the-go Travel Planning: Ease and Expertise 

Studies show that around 70% of customers are already using their smartphones at some point in their travel booking process. This will only increase in the coming years, with more guests expecting a smooth customer experience when browsing travel ideas and completing booking enquiries. 

Travel operators will have to provide fast-loading, responsive online experiences to keep up with travellers' demands. Moreover, travellers don't want to deal with multiple touchpoints. They want one number on speed dial, one person they can message when something does not go according to plan, and one person who knows their itinerary through and through.

At Rhino Africa, we're proud to be innovative, especially when it comes to offering a digital-first travel booking experience. When you book with us, you'll also be assigned your own personal Travel Expert to curate your itinerary using their first-hand experience and decades of expertise. 

Couple sitting on the kopje observing the sunrise

Guests want a seamless booking and travel experience, Image Credit: Serengeti Pioneer Camp

6. Longer Itineraries with Fewer Destinations

Intentional travel will be bigger than ever in 2024. We've already seen a growing interest in longer trips with fewer stops to enable guests to take their time and enjoy an unrushed experience.

We always recommend the minimum time to stay in a specific destination as we know from experience the disappointment that comes with leaving a place too soon. However, in Africa, there's just too much to see in one trip, so our guests often prefer to return to Africa instead of trying to jam everything into one packed itinerary. It should be a holiday, after all!

Woman sitting on her private deck

Lingering longer will be bigger than ever in 2024, Image Credit: Sanctuary Retreats

7. Wellness Mania: Delving Deeper for True Rest 

Regeneration and connection will be big trends in 2024. As travellers seek wellness experiences that go above the standard spa, we see an automatic increase in interest in African travel. 

Mental health is a trending topic at the moment, and this will only gain momentum as more of us realise that health starts in the mind. Everywhere else in the world pales to Africa's vast open spaces, warm hospitality, and heart-stirring wildlife scenes when seeking out a wellness retreat.

Wellness in Africa is bigger than a melt-your-muscles massages. Although we promise you'll enjoy plenty of those! Instead, you can expect profound moments like yoga in the bush, running through the savannah with a Maasai warrior as your guide, and soaking in an outdoor bathtub while elephants amble past in the distance... Africa's is a place teeming with restoration.

Take it easy at S

Find your zen on your African travels in 2024, Image Credit: Singita

8. Treading Lightly: Sustainable Travel 

Sustainability is about more than just swapping single-use plastic bottles with reusable flasks. It's a holistic approach that will be a key requirement for travellers coming to Africa. They're more informed than ever and are acutely aware of the negative impact travel can have.

When choosing their accommodation and activities in Africa, they'll have more questions about their operations, how they give back, and how eco-friendly their set-ups are. Of course, we take all of this into account when we choose our supplier partners, as well as only work with those who share our passion for sustainability.

Guests will also want to know that their visit has minimal impact on the area they visit. Moreover, they'd want to be reassured that their presence has a positive influence, too. At Rhino Africa, we've already made this a priority. For every seven guests we bring to Africa, we create one sustainable job in the hospitality industry. This way, you positively impact not only that person's livelihood but also their families and communities.

Furthermore, your travels contribute to our various Impact Partners and their valiant work in protecting and uplifting our continent's wildlife, landscapes, and communities. 

Saving rhinos

Sustainability is at the core of everything we do

Place African Travel on Your To-Do List for 2024

If you're starting to plan your 2024 holidays, move Africa to the top of that bucket list. Or, even if you've been to Africa before, let's help tailor something that exceeds your wildest expectations in a hidden gem destination you might not even know exists yet…

At Rhino Africa, we're excited to see these African travel trends emerging and believe they will only positively impact not only African tourism but our continent's spectacular wildlife, landscapes, and people. 

Reach out to our Travel Experts, and let's start planning your one-of-a-kind, personalised African adventure! 

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