January 28

Our Travel Experts’ Top Destinations for African Travel in 2024


January 28, 2024

Our Travel Experts know our continent inside out, so we sat down to ask them what destinations should be at the top of your list for African Travel in 2024. From wildly popular safari meccas like Kruger National Park to more off-the-beaten-path destinations like Zambia and Madagascar, here are the places to be in 2024.

Dulini Moya in Kruger

Our Travel Experts compiled the ultimate list for African travel in 2024

1. Zambia, Southern Africa

"One of the destinations I'll be recommending to my guests in 2024 is Zambia," says Rhino Africa Travel Expert Justine Ryan. "In terms of value, experiences and the luxuriousness that comes with exclusivity, it's one of my favourite destinations to send my guests." 

"Zambia is the most untouched destination in Africa."

Fellow Travel Expert Carl Preller agrees. "The game viewing is excellent, there's year-round water, which makes wildlife abundant, and the ease with which you can add Victoria Falls to an itinerary makes it a firm favourite of mine to recommend to my guests."

Romantic sunset at Royal Chundu in Zambia

An idyllic setting on the Zambezi River in Zambia, Image Credit: Royal Chundu

2. Rwanda, East Africa

Having recently returned from a trip to RwandaAllison Bothma is all about gorilla trekking in 2024. As far as experiences go, visiting Volcanoes National Park and spending time with them is up there with the most meaningful travel memories of her life and something she'll highly recommend to anyone for African travel in 2024.

"When we finally saw the gorillas, it was like stepping into another world. The awe I felt was overwhelming, like seeing a lion or leopard for the first time, but more profound. There was no fear, only a sense of wonder and connection."

But beyond the attraction of gorilla trekking, Allison found herself fascinated by Rwanda's history. They've embraced their troubled past and committed to honouring it while building a better and brighter future. 

"Observing Rwanda's current state compared to its past can be incredibly uplifting, showcasing the nation's journey towards hope and positivity," comments Alison. "I can't wait to share this destination with my guests. I feel it's a must for an African travel enthusiast," continued Allison.

Allison in front of two gorilla juveniles

Allison meeting gorillas in Rwanda, Image Credit: Allison Bothma

3. Kruger National Park, Southern Africa

If seeing the Big 5 is on your list, look no further than the Greater Kruger National Park region. With arguably the best game viewing anywhere in Africa, a smattering of luxury lodges and easy access from all over the world, it's a firm favourite among our Travel Experts. 

"For a first-time visitor to Africa, Kruger ticks all the boxes."

Travel Expert Janine Gous especially likes recommending Kruger to new guests. Few destinations can almost guarantee leopard sightings like Kruger can, and fewer still can match the quality of experience you'll enjoy. In fact, many of our Travel Experts visit the area multiple times a year.

Transformative safari in Africa

Picture yourself here, Image Credit: Londolozi

4. Kenya, East Africa 

"Look no further than Kenya for the ultimate African safari holiday." 

Travel Expert Gerhard Hefers considers Kenya a classic safari destination that brings that "Out of Africa" feeling to life. "The country combines culture, safari and a sense of "chic" in a beautifully blended palette of experiences," explains Hefers.

Less crowded than its neighbours and with the possibility of experiencing the Great Wildebeest Migration, meeting the Samburu people and embracing their culture, then experiencing Nairobi's vibrant cosmopolitan nature, it's a remarkably diverse and vibrant country to visit.

big herd of wildebeest with zebra companions in the savannah

The Great Migration is a must-see for African travel in 2024

5. Botswana, Southern Africa

Botswana is at the top of Travel Expert Cayleigh Brown's list to send guests for their African travel in 2024.

"The country has a feeling of being so wild and untouched that's unlike anywhere else in Africa." 

She believes it's perfect for safari enthusiasts. "From next-level game viewing, incredible landscapes and surreal sunsets, it ranks among the best destinations I've ever visited. The calming energy and privacy of a safari in Botswana make it a favourite of mine when planning holidays for my guests."

Man standing by an elevated firepit area overlooking a river at sunset

Visiting Botswana feels like stepping back in time, Image Credit: Sanctuary Chief's Camp

6. Madagascar, Indian Ocean Islands

Rhino Africa CEO and founder David Ryan spent some time living in Madagascar in the early 2000s, and it remains one of his favourite destinations to this day. He describes Madagascar as a treasure trove of nature reserves and adventures that have left an indelible mark on his soul.  

Northern Madagascar is where the bulk of tourists tend to visit, but the south and west offer truly exceptional experiences.

"Picture yourself strolling down Baobab Avenue, venturing into the mystical Ranomafana and Isalo National Parks, or witnessing the awe-inspiring beauty of the Tsingy. These hidden gems have claimed a special place in my heart."

It's no wonder David has already made plans to return to Madagascar later this year!

Beautiful Baobab trees at sunset at the avenue of the baobabs in Madagascar

Madagascar is like a micro-continent filled with unique sights and experiences

7. Cape Town, Southern Africa

No list of African travel destinations would be complete without our home, the oldest city in South AfricaCape Town is consistently ranked among the best cities on Earth. It offers so much to travellers, with history, culture, art, activities, natural beauty, food and wine all among the world-class offerings the Mother City brings to the table. 

Savannah St. Claire, a member of Rhino Africa's marketing team and resident of the city, is proud to be a Capetonian and highly recommends this Mother City to any guest visiting Africa.

"Cape Town is the most beautiful city in the world, and if that's not enough, it has an incredible array of things to enjoy – there truly is something for everyone here."
Savannah St. Claire in Cape Town

Savannah at home in her city, Cape Town

Let’s Make Some African Travel Magic 

Although this list may not have made choosing a single destination for your next African adventure much easier, you're now equipped with some inside knowledge from African Travel Experts. Besides, why settle for one destination? Our Travel Experts can recommend the ideal combinations for the trip of a lifetime. 

Get in touch with one of them today so they can get to know you to tailor a dream African safari according to your unique likes, dislikes, must-dos, and must-sees.

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