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Challenge4ACause 2024: The Final Ride

By Brad Mitchell on June 13, 2024

In a few days time, a collection of African travel enthusiasts, led by Rhino Africa's Founder, David Ryan, embark on an adventurous mission in the depths of Namibia's Damaraland region. Together, they'll be taking on the desert in a unique multi-day mountain biking event to raise funding for conservation and education initiatives in Africa. So, without further ado, here's your 2024 Challenge4ACause crash course on the who, why, when, and where...

C4AC riders in the desert

Our final Challenge4ACause ride is sure to be one for the books

The Who: Our 2024 Riders

This June, our brave group of 19 riders will head to the dusty and dry landscapes of Damaraland. Among them are the custodians of our Impact Partners, representatives of industry colleagues, friends, and, of course, a few members of the Rhino Crash.

From experienced campaigners who'll be doing their 13th expedition on Challenge4ACause, to a couple of very raw rookies taking it on for the first time, the group this year is a mixed bag of nerves, excitement and quiet confidence.

A relative veteran of the group setting off to conquer his fourth Challenge4ACause this year, Rhino Africa's Luke Lalin describes what lies ahead as "daunting, difficult yet unlike anything you're ever likely to experience in your life" – words that sent nervous laughter rippling through the group at a recent get-together!

“I'm feeling all kinds of emotions as the days get closer. I'm super nervous, super excited, but most of all ready for the challenge that awaits us all in Namibia!” – Janine Gous.
Janine Gous, Rhino Africa Travel Consultant, travelling

Janine may be new to the ride, but she's up for the challenge!

C4AC Origin Story 

In 2009, Rhino Africa Founder and CEO, David Ryan, set out to conquer the Namibian desert. He was armed only with a mountain bike, a few fellow intrepid explorers, a "rough" hand-drawn map and no real idea of what to expect.
Their goal was rather simple: cycle over 400km through some of the planet's roughest and most inhospitable terrain to raise awareness and funds.

As it turns out, there was a reason no one had cycled through Namibia before. It was far hotter, sandier, hillier and tougher than anyone had expected. The roads were rocky, hilly and, on many occasions, non-existent. Sand got everywhere you could imagine, especially if the wind blew (which it invariably did). And since it is, in fact, a desert, it was hot! But that was precisely what made it gut-wrenchingly special. This wasn't easy, simple, or luxurious – it was a challenge!

Challenge4ACause riders in the desert

C4AC is not for the faint-hearted!

Putting Passion to the Pedal 

This very challenge sparked a driving passion inside every participant to keep pedalling, no matter what was thrown at them. Every pedal stroke was to save an animal, and every hill conquered was to protect another rhino. All the suffering was for a far greater cause.

And so, the annual C4AC event was created. Over the years, this unique pilgrimage has seen many magical moments and many tears. Still, it has also brought more love, joy, and appreciation for Africa's natural beauty and heritage than we could have imagined.

But, as we know all too well. All good things must come to an end. So, this 2024 C4AC event, our 13th, will be our last and final ride through our beloved Damaraland.

Challenge4ACause riders relaxing while admiring the desert

It might be our final ride, but Damaraland will forever be in our hearts

The Why: Uplifting Wildlife and People

At its core, C4AC has been a way for like-minded people and organisations to unite to create long-lasting and significant change in Africa. Rhino Africa has utilised the success of this event and its initiatives to drive its impact vision.

Over the past two decades, Rhino Africa has strategically partnered with incredible organisations in two key areas, as we firmly believe that long-term, sustainable success is impossible without both challenges being solved simultaneously.

The Causes We Challenge for 

The first cause we pedal for is wildlife conservation, particularly endangered wildlife. This naturally includes the protection of natural spaces under wildlife and, where possible, growing these spaces too. We're fortunate to be partnered with Wildlife ACT and the Save The Rhino Trust which are dedicated to conservation efforts across the African continent.

Coupled with this is our connection to Impact Partners committed to digital literacy and education for rural youths, with a focus on areas surrounding wildlife-rich habitats. Our partners, Click Learning, Khumbulani Educare Centre, and the Good Work Foundation, drive community upliftment through education. For only through education can the real value of wildlife be understood, appreciated, and protected.

Children being educated through digital learning

Empowering future generations of conservationists and leaders

Let's Break a Record  

Since the inaugural ride in 2009, C4AC has collectively raised over R19.2 million. Every donation made by our incredible partners and clients has been matched by Rhino Africa, which clearly demonstrates our commitment to creating as much impact and change in Africa as possible.

And now, ahead of our final event in 2024, we hope to raise a record-breaking amount of funding for these causes. Our target of R5 million is set with the knowledge and faith in our partners' and clients' collective commitment and generosity.

The desert-adapted rhino

Impact is at the heart of everything we do

The When and Where

The 2024 Challenge4ACause route is set to live up to its name this 16-22 June, with just enough familiar routes and exciting new trails to keep even the most experienced Challengers entertained. Making their way from the banks of the Ugab River at the base of the Brandberg, the riders will take on nearly 400 kilometres of the harsh terrains of the Namib desert over five days of riding. 

After their fair share of trails and tumbles, the grateful group of Challengers will be greeted by the relative oasis of their final destination at Doro Nawas.

Transport vehicle with bike atop driving through the desert

Our new route promises five days of cycle-filled excitement

Champion The Final Ride

If you'd like to show support or make a contribution to one of our Impact Partners, or if the Damaraland desert is calling your name, get in touch with one of our Rhino Africa Travel Experts, who'll provide you with all the information you need.

We're coming for you, Damaraland! 


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