by Melanie Du Toit on May 17, 2016
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The summer rains that moisten the landscape of the Sabi Sand Private Game Reserve between October and April allow the earth to come alive in many ways—whether it’s in the green shoots springing forth from the earth, the wildflowers seen blooming across the terrain, or the plethora of new-born wildlife entering this lush new world around them.

This is also the season best loved for birding, and twitchers, amateur ornithologists, and photographers flock to the area to catch sight of the migratory birds that have moved into the area for the coming weeks and who share the trees and the skies with the reserve’s permanent feathered residents.

Birding Safaris at Cheetah Plains

Image credit: Cheetah Plains

A stay at the lodge in Cheetah Plains Private Game Reserve will see guests able to explore both photography and twitcher options,with their specially-tailored photographic as well as birding safaris.

With over 400 different bird species to be spotted in Sabi Sand during this abundant time, those at Cheetah Plains have taken decided measures to ensure that each and every one of their guests enjoys a completely optimised experience. Birding safaris are hosted by an ornithologist and specialist in African birdlife – Martin Benadie – as well as a trained guide who has intimate knowledge of the landscape.

Birding safaris offer you a glimpse of rare birds

Image credit: Cheetah Plains

Journeying through the Sabi Sand at this period in the year gives guests the chance to spot the reserve’s mammals and their new-born young—making for a terrific addition to a birding safari. Martin is no stranger to the landscape or the camera lens, with a career history that has seen him called a qualified guide, birding specialist, environmental writer, and photographer with experience in digital post-production.

Spot the Pearl-spotted Owl on Birding Safari

Cheetah Plains is also equipped with a game-viewing vehicle specifically adapted for photographic safari, complete with swivel chairs that ensure all safari-goers can capture the same shot at the same time—completely unobstructed.

This game-viewing experience also proves to be a more exclusive one, with only 4 guests per photographic safari. Led by a guide with intrinsic knowledge of the reserve as well as the art of photography, guests can be sure that they will leave Cheetah Plains with the perfect shot.

Spot beauties such as the hornbill on Birding Safari

Image credit: Cheetah Plains

Contact one of Rhino Africa’s expert consultants today to book your stay and birding safari at Cheetah Plains!

Please Note: 

The provision of a specialist guide is subject to an extra cost and a minimum of 4 guests is required for the specialised birding safari to take place.