by Jennifer Southwell
on March 17, 2017
2 min read

An African sunset demands a moment of silence. A moment to let the tranquility set in; the bright orange sun setting behind the thorny bushes, the sound of a distant fish eagle, among various chatty birds reflecting on an eventful day and oh, the taste of that drink, just helps it all sink in. Sundowners in the bush elicit marvelous sensations; calmness, excitement, and joy. There’s no clearer feeling that you are on holiday than sipping on that gin and tonic as you watch the sunset.

So why not try out these authentically African saloons:

1.  Royal Chundu River Lodge

Royal chundu bar

Image: Royal Chundu

The beautifully decorated bar is designed in a way that exudes Africa. The contemporary style and rich beauty of the culture creates an aesthetic delight. Radiant chandeliers, a thatch roof, and colourful scatter cushions give the bar a warm, inviting atmosphere.

2. Victoria Falls Safari Lodge

Victoria falls sundowners

Image: Victoria Falls Safari Lodge

Located just below the MaKuwa-Kuwa restaurant, this bar has a spacious wooden deck overlooking a waterhole. It is called Buffalo Bar, as when it was being constructed a buffalo herd was growing and by the time it was finished the buffalo herd had doubled in size. This provides a unique way for guests to enjoy their watering hole along with their favourite animals.

3. Lion Sands – Chalkley Treehouse

Outdoor bedroom sundowners

Image: Lion Sands

For the romantics, maybe what you desire is a night under the stars with your significant other. There would be no better sundowner than the one shared in the presence of your loved one. You can have some bubbly with them; sleep under the stars in 5,000 thread count while listening to hyenas, lions, kudu, hippos and much more.

4. Xugana Island lodge

Xugana island lodge boat booze cruize

Image: Xugana Island Lodge

If what you are looking for is an adventurous drink, enveloped in the tranquillity of the Okavango Delta, Xugana Camp is for you! They send you out on a platoon so that you can listen to the deafening silence, watch the reflection of the sunset on the crystal clear water as you sip your brew.

5. Shumba Camp – Kafue

shumba kafue sunset

Image: Shumba Camp

If you are more of an introvert by nature, you might want to visit Shumba Camp, Kafue. There are few places in this world where you can see as far as the horizon. Kafue is a unique place as it looks as though it is flat and grassy, but under the grass is at least two meters of water, fostering hippos and crocodiles. Lechwes jump in the water creating a beautiful splash of water reflected by the rays of the sun during the sunset, which whets your appetite for a stellar sundowner.

No matter what your poison, choose to enjoy them in one of these exquisite places.