June 21

QUIZ | How Much Of An African Travel Expert Are You?

June 21, 2017


Rhino Africa: Our Home Safari - Bringing Africa to your home

So, you think you know Africa? As your home-grown African travel experts, we consider ourselves the Silverbacks, the proverbial kings of the African jungle, the leaders of the pack, and the alphas of our continent. Take our African expert quiz and see how you rank on our scale.

We cannot wait to reunite you with Africa! In the meantime,  join us on Our Home Safari for more entertainment.

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About the author 

Melanie Du Toit

Jozi-born, Knysna local, and recovering yachtie, Melanie decided that she missed being land-based after 18 months sailing the seas. Now that she lives in the most beautiful city in Africa (she is adamant about this fact), you will find her trying out new things around Cape Town, dreaming about her next holiday, and using Wikipedia to enhance her skills as an encyclopaedia of useless information.

  • Ihave travelled around Southern Africa more than you think. My grandfather was the discoverer of the Sterkfontein Caves in 1896 (Guglielmo Martinaglia) Did you know that?

    • That’s amazing, Andre! Thanks for telling us. What an incredible achievement. Definitely, a place that should be on many a Southern African bucket list.

      • ”See the article on ”Google” – Heritage Portal – ”The Man Who Discovered The Sterkfontein Caves”. We as a family rather like it to be named ”Martinaglia’s Cave ” Sterkfontein.

  • I have been to south Africa many times & every time it feels like I’m coming home in love the country very much & I miss everything about it.

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