by Emma Thomson on June 1, 2018
1 min read

Majestic lions with impressive manes, elegant leopards adorning trees and athletic cheetahs on the prowl – we present the world of Big Cats as submitted by contestants of our prestigious Africa’s Photographer of the Year (APOTY) competition. If you’ve also taken some incredible shots while out on safari, submit your photos via the website and stand a chance to win an incredible trip for two through Africa. Onto some of our favourite shots so far!

Nap time in the pride

Nap time for this young lion cub

Photo Credit: Yaron Schmid

Taking advantage of the Great Migration

A leopard taking its chances with wildebeest of the Great Migration

Photo Credit: Paolo Torchio

A quick round of yoga to start the day

A cheetah having a stretch

Photo Credit: Yaron Schmid

The master of camouflage

A lion in the midst of long grass

Photo Credit: David Cox

Climbing trees in the evening light

A leopard climbing a tree

Photo Credit: Joao Paulo de Oliveira


A cheetah captured while sprinting

Photo Credit: Paolo Torchio

Having a quick cat nap


A lion having a rest on a rock

Photo Credit: Vittorio Riccii

Adventures through the grass

A leopard cub enjoying the lush grass

Photo Credit: Arnfinn Johansen

Cuddle time

A cheetah cub and its mother having a cuddle and clean

Photo Credit: Arnfinn Johansen

For more impressive shots of Africa’s wildlife and incredible vistas head over to the APOTY website. The current category ‘Roaring Lions and Big Cats’ runs until the end of June after which we look forward to more submissions for our last two categories. Stop by our APOTY blog for more incredible photos, exciting stories, helpful tips and more.

Feature photo credit: Sebastien Sauzay