by Jessica Bothma on June 29, 2018
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It’s the middle of winter, 7:25 am and the rain patters softly on the car roof. I’m in anticipation of spending the morning relishing the delectable breakfast prepared by MannaBay’s professional chefs. As I walk through the tall gates and get to the front door, my eyes are immediately drawn to the warmth and vibrancy of the boutique hotel. It doesn’t matter where you look, every direction brings a delightful surprise – the thought-provoking artworks, the tiny starfishes in the fish tank, the chandelier, the glistening mosaic of MannaBay’s logo and the winter cold is quickly forgotten.

The spacious interior of MannaBay

Artful delights adorn every corner of MannaBay
Photo credit: MannaBay

Breakfast is served

We are greeted by warm smiles and led up the stairs to the living area of the hotel, which looks so inviting and cosy, but in a way that makes you feel like royalty. The kitchen is open and you can watch the chefs prepare your meal from the dining area and the lounge. Our servers show us to our table, elegantly set and facing the floor-to-ceiling windows that show the city of Cape Town as it awakes from its slumber. The fog has rolled in and the city lights are twinkling. Our eyes roam over to the wooden table laden with a variety of spreads – there’s something for every taste!

A table set with a variety of breakfast items; fruit salad, croissant, meat and cheese

The delectable Breakfast spread at MannaBay
Photo credit: MannaBay

The interior of MannaBay with the open-plan kitchen and lounge

The kitchen is open and you can watch the chefs preparing your meal
Photo credit: Rhino Africa

From freshly squeezed juices to coffee (in glass cups that feel like it floats in your hand) and soothing tea of your choice served in antique silver teapots, everything is extraordinary and luxurious. Who knew something so simple as fruit salad and yoghurt could be so elegantly served and enjoyed with splendid views? We were invited to indulge in every little treat laid before us, and we did.

A selection of fresh fruits served at MannaBay's breakfast spread

Fresh and juicy!
Photo credit: Rhino Africa

A plate with muffin and croissant

Muffins and croissants are served with a selection of jams and honey butter
Photo credit: Rhino Africa

A cheese wheel at MannaBay for breakfast

A selection of fine cheese is served at breakfast
Photo credit: Rhino Africa

The indulgence does not stop here. Beyond the selection of cereals, cheese and meat wheels, pastries and fresh fruits is a legend. One simply does not leave MannaBay without having had the Eggs Benedict specialty. It is so scrumptious, full of flavour and made with love. It is clear MannaBay’s chefs are passionate about their creations and love sharing the joy of delightful tastes with their guests.

A plate of Eggs Benedict

MannaBay’s Eggs Benedict is a must
Photo credit: Rhino Africa

A winter special just for you

When: 29 and 30 June 2018

Time: 07:00 to 10:30

Price: R290 per person

Tel: +27 21 461 1094


The best thing is, you’re welcome to enjoy this opulent and delightful experience without having to book the rooms.

A table set with elegant crockery and cutlery

We couldn’t wait to tuck in!
Photo credit: Rhino Africa

If you’re not an early bird and would much rather enjoy an afternoon treat, then MannaBay’s High Tea is just for you. Read more about it here and catch the special before it’s over!