by Megon Venter on July 30, 2018
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African birds of prey are marveled at for their glorious markings, their wide wingspans and their super speed but how much do you really know about them? All of these birds are endemic to South Africa and can be found in one the many biomes around the country. Take our quiz and test your knowledge about these fascinating creatures!

What is the largest wingspan of a Peregrine Falcon?

Photo Credit: Will Mayall
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What do Lanner Falcons eat?

Photo Credit: Tony Hisgett
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Is the lesser Kestrel a migratory bird?

Photo Credit: Shah Jahan
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How much does an African Cuckoo Hawk weigh?

Photo Credit: Transvaal Museum
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How did the Bat Hawk get its name?

Photo Credit: Johan van Rensburg
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Where can you find the Pallid Harrier?

Photo Credit: Prasanna Kumar Mamidala
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How many eggs does a female African Goshawk lay?

Photo Credit: Dick Daniels
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The Martial Eagle is known as one of 'The Big Three'. Which other two birds form the rest of the three?

Photo Credit: Jon Mountjoy
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QUIZ: How well do you know African birds of prey?
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Header Image: Simon Watson