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Mozambique Honeymoon on the Bazaruto Archipelago

By Megon Venter on
December 19, 2018

Situated off the coast of Mozambique in Africa, in the Indian Ocean lies the Bazaruto Archipelago which is made up of unspoilt beaches and rich island and marine life. Classified as a national park due to its spectacular natural treasures, the secluded and romantic landscapes are ideal for a Mozambique Honeymoon.

Mozambique honeymoon
Photo Credit: Rhino Africa

5 Picturesque Islands

There are five islands to explore, namely Bazaruto, Benguerra (hailed for its birdlife), Santa Carolina (which Rhino Africa is helping to restore), Magaruque and Banque. Like a constellation, all of these five islands can be seen on a day trip where locals take you island hopping by boat or dhow (a traditional sailing vessel). You can read our complete guide to Mozambique to get a better understanding of how the mainland compares.

Mozambique honeymoon
Photo Credit: Rhino Africa

Awe-inspiring Activities

The coral reef has many diving sites, some as deep as 30m that immerse you into a world of colourful aquatic life. Snorkelling is extremely popular for the same reason as the coral is so well conserved. Take your Mozambique honeymoon between October and January and you’ll find the waters ideal for fishing, with populations of bonefish, marlin and sailfish soaring during the summer season.

On land, there are many ways to navigate the magnificent landscapes such as on horseback and on hiking and trekking trails. To hop between islands, besides the traditional dhow, guests can also take a special helicopter ride, making for a marvellous bird’s eye view of the five islands.

Mozambique honeymoon
Photo Credit: Rhino Africa

Wondrous Wildlife

As mentioned above, the waters around these islands are a paradise for marine animal lovers with bigger wildlife including dolphins, whales, sharks and the endangered dugong (similar looking to a sea cow). Smaller wildlife, on the other hand, consists of manta rays and turtles. Venturing out to the freshwater lakes, you’ll be intrigued by sightings of suni antelope, crocodiles and every tropical island lover’s dream, flamingos!

Mozambique honeymoon
Photo Credit: Rhino Africa

Tranquil Accommodation

Antanar Bazaruto Island Resort & Spa

It says it all in the name, Antanar Bazaruto Island Resort & Spa has couples covered in terms of providing the exquisite atmosphere that guests expect on an island getaway. Dine at a selection of international restaurants, be pampered at the Antanara Spa, learn about local cuisine through relaxing cooking classes and take an adventurous new step together by doing a short course at the diving school. With over 40 Beach Villas, this resort is for couples who are looking for a glamourous yet tranquil start to the rest of their lives together.

Dugong Lodge

With access to the Vilanculos Coastal Wildlife Sanctuary, Dugong Lodge provides a more intimate atmosphere offering only 14 Luxury Chalets. Head out to scuba dive, kayak and embark on ocean safaris that get you closer to the marine life that lives around the coral reef. Something special here is the gazebo, situated right on the boardwalk jetty, giving guests the impression of floating on the waves while enjoying a drink.

&Beyond Benguerra Island

&Beyond is always a provider of utter sophistication and their hotel on Benguerra Island is no different. The hotel invites guests to experience the best of the forest and the ocean biomes while the beaches found in closes proximity are unaffected by the tide. Unwind in the comfort of fully-kitted casinhas and cabanas in between couple’s massages at the sala.

Mozambique honeymoon
Photo Credit: Rhino Africa

Are you interested in travelling to the Bazaruto Archipelago for your ultimate romantic Mozambique honeymoon? Book your adventure with one of Rhino Africa’s travel experts today. 


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