by Tania De Kock on July 18, 2019
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Take our The Lion King quiz to find out where in the animal kingdom you belong!

You’ve probably watched the film so many times that you know most of the lines off by heart. In celebration of the new 2019 rendition, we’ve compiled a quiz to help you find out which Lion King character best resembles you.

Pass it on to your friends, family, and colleagues to see whether they are carefree like Pumbaa or serious like Zazu.

What is your favourite The Lion King song?

You like to sip on...

What is your favourite meal?

On holiday, you prefer to...

Which of the following personality traits do you find most attractive?

Which word best describes you?

Out of these, which is your favourite African destination?

The Lion King: Which Character Are You?

Bow down to the king! Just like Mufasa, you've got a majestic presence and a deep love for your family and community. Mufasa is part of the Big 5 and can be found in various countries on the African continent, particularly Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana, and South Africa.

You love adventure and exploring! Just like Simba, you make friends easily and don't take life too seriously. Although you are the king, you know how to have a good time. Simba and his family can be found in several countries on the African continent, including South Africa, Tanzania, Botswana and Kenya.

Hakuna Matata! You certainly have a sense of humour and are a bit of an adrenaline-junkie. You love trying new things, whether it is new exotic dishes or new locations to travel to! Just like the hilarious duo, Timon and Pumbaa, you are laidback and don't take yourself too seriously. Did you know that you can find Timon's family in the open fields of South Africa, Namibia, and Botswana. Pumbaa is more commonly found in Namibia.

Just like Nala, you have a kind heart and love helping others. A bit of a romantic, you see the good in people and any life scenario. You are extremely loyal to your friends and family and will do anything for them. You can meet Nala and her family in several African countries, including South Africa, Tanzania, Botswana and Kenya.

You're a stickler for discipline, just like Zazu. You have a kind heart and strive to help make a difference in the world (whilst abiding by the rules, of course!) and enjoy the simple things in life! Zazu lives in sub-Saharan Africa.

Well well well, aren't you're devilishly handsome and sharp as a knife? Just like the scheming Scar, you are always plotting something and can read people pretty well, making you a master manipulator. You'll always find a way to get what you want.

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