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By Daryll Williams | November 1, 2019

Chapter 4: Breakfast - Updated 2021

Cape Town takes its breakfasts and brunches very seriously, so much so that there are literally hundreds of coffee shops and restaurants across the city that serve up remarkable morning meals.


Upon entering, it feels like stepping into an exquisitely curated florist’s shop or ceramics studio. But Hemelhuijs’ real artistry lies in the all-day breakfasts and generous, nostalgia-drenched platefuls of food.

Why go?

Beautiful botanicals, sophisticated crowds and a vegetal and earthy menu that has something for everyone.


a: 71 Waterkant St, Cape Town
t: +27 21 418 2042
h: Monday—Friday: 09h00–16h00, Saturdays: 09h00–15h00

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Photograph: Hemelhuijs


Its residential surroundings feed into the smooth flow of the service. And the myriad of breakfast options only add to the appeal. But Jarryd’s institution-like aesthetic makes for a remarkable Australian-style café experience.

Why go?

Creative all-day breakfasts, quality local ingredients and consistently excellent coffee.


a: 90 Regent Rd, Sea Point
t: +27 60 748 0145
h: Monday—Sunday: 07h30–15h30

Photograph: Jarryd’s

Jason Bakery

Jason is the bread and pastry epicentre of Cape Town. Hundreds of early morning punters stop here for their daily fix, so you’ll have to move fast to secure a spot at this super-popular street-corner stalwart.

Why go?

Cape Town’s best croissants.


a: 83 Main Rd, Green Point, Cape Town
t: +27 21 433 0538
h: Tuesday—Saturday: 07h00–15h00, Sundays: 08h00–14h00. Closed on Mondays.

Photograph: Jason Bakery


Setting a high standard for relaxed rustic cafés by the sea, Olympia has been delivering early morning delights for more than 20 years. Bolstered by its uncompromising bohemian flair.

Why go?

Arrive hungry, relaxed, with an armful of friends in tow and you’ll never be disappointed.


a: 134 Main Rd, Kalk Bay
t: +27 21 788 6396
h: Monday—Sunday: 07h00-20h00

Photograph: Olympia

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