November 12

Finally… South Africa is Open to Everyone


By David Ryan on
November 12, 2020

We have waited so long to welcome you back and at long last the time has come! South Africa and indeed Africa is OPEN and ready to welcome you!

Across the globe Covid-19 has taught that travel and tourism is more than just ‘living your best life’ on holiday with family and friends. It’s about inclusive economic growth, job creation, exports and most importantly GDP generation. As one of the world’s largest economic sectors, Travel & Tourism accounts for 11 % of global GDP, about 313 million jobs, or 10% of total global employment. One in every 10 jobs is in travel and tourism and its impact here in Africa is exponentially larger than anywhere else in the world.

Africa’s low volume – high value travel proposition is one of our biggest assets in a world emerging from Covid-19Characterised by natural spaces which are wide open, low in human density, abundant in wildlife and sunshine; tourism offers low barriers to entry for employment. And, given the geographical nature of tourism here in Africa, it makes it a critical economic driver of rural economies and a mechanism to create sustainable employment opportunities outside of urban and industrial areas.

Sunset party in Africa
The travel industry is celebrating, Photo Credit: Londolozi

Travel is Food for the Soul

So for us here at Rhino Africa, South Africa’s immediate reopening to international guests, is like sprinting over the finish line with ‘Chariots of Fire’ blaring in the background, because its is a celebration and is so desperately needed. Finally our, and Africa’s, economic recovery can begin.

Tourism enriches travellers’ lives and supports the livelihoods of millions. For every 7 guests, 1 direct job is created in the tourism sector, and one additional job is created on an indirect basis. Through Covid-19, South Africa has lost more than 600 000 tourism related jobs, and this is why we must redouble our efforts to ensure we maintain decades of brand equity & wildlife conservation built on the foundation of bringing guests to African soil.

Staff Silvan, happy and smiling
The close-knit staff of Silvan Safari

Our Rhino Africa Purpose

The grand ideal on which Rhino Africa was founded, 16 years ago, has never been more relevant than right now: 

“We believe that the world would be a better place if everyone could experience Africa. If everyone could feel the African soil under their feet and the sun on their faces. If everyone could be moved by the size & peacefulness of an elephant or the grace of a big cat. If everyone could discover, for themselves, the warm-heartedness of the African people. If everyone could see the unforgettable sunsets from the Zambezi or Serengeti and experience places where towns can be so distant and serenity so established. If everyone could travel through Africa’s vast expanses, so far removed from the tensions of peopled places so as to journey into sanity and serenity out of an insane and uneasy world.”

When we say “everyone” it is because we include everybody alive now and every person still to be born. For this to be possible, conservation is key. The world would be a better place if everybody appreciated Africa enough to support it. Through helping the world see and experience this continent, we at Rhino Africa ensure we play our part in uplifting communities while protecting Africa’s wildlife.

Dehorning a Rhino
The Rhino Africa team assisting with a Rhino dehorning

Making an Impact in Africa

Tourism is the cornerstone of economic development here in Africa, and has many highly attractive characteristics for transformative economic development and growth. Tourism is a significant employer of women (70%) and youth (60%), and has a very high number of SMEs. It’s high employment ratios of low- and semi-skilled people make it a leading industry in Africa’s recovery from Covid-19.

We recognise that South Africa is undeniably a globally competitive destination with an incredible diversity of experiences suited to the worldwide tourism trends of experiential and connected tourism, which will become even more key in a post-COVID world.

Why everyone should Travel to South Africa

South Africa is a leader in responsible tourism practices and is frequently lauded as one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Covid-19 grounded our world, literally and figuratively, but travel to Africa in OPEN. Despite the hardships, travel still boasts the best potential to drive the type of economic growth that South Africa and Africa needs most. 

South Africa is one of a small group of truly aspirational destinations on earth. To many guests, the country is a dream experience, combining powerful social justice history, breath-taking natural beauty, and warm, welcoming people. 

The father of our nation, Madiba

We at Rhino Africa are delighted to Welcome you back! We invite you to join us in rebuilding Africa’s tourism industry, to ensure Africa’s landscapes and wildlife are protected for generations to come. Never has travelling with a purpose been so important.

In line with World Health Organisation guidelines, and complying with stringent safety protocols, travel to South Africa could not be easier. The only requirement is to arrive and depart Covid-19 free, and your Rhino Africa Travel Expert will ensure through our adjusted T&C’s and Travel Insurance partnership with Global Rescue, that you can indeed book your Africa holiday with the greatest peace of mind.

At Rhino Africa, we recognise that some guests wait their whole lives to get the chance to visit Africa and we are here to make these life-long dreams a reality. Through our unparalleled passion, dedication and expertise we are able to cater for every aspect of our guests’ needs and wishes, ensuring that our end product is always an unforgettable, incomparable trip of a lifetime.

Londolozi boasts the most luxurious experience in all of Kruger National Park
Relaxation, solitude and the curative power of nature at Londolozi, Photo Credit: Londolozi

So let us take care of the small things so that your big dreams come true. Join us on a journey that will change your life and Africa forever! Contact our Travel Experts today. 

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