March 17

The Power of African Travel


March 17, 2021

“Travelling with purpose”, “sustainable travel” and “making an impact” are all phrases or terms that are thrown around more and more often as the global community has shifted its collective consciousness. But when you cut through the jargon and corporate eloquence, what does it truly mean and what is meant by “the power of African travel?”

African travel isn’t only about sensational scenery, breathtaking safaris and untamed wilderness. Scratching beneath the surface reveals a far more powerful story. At Rhino Africa, part of our core purpose is to serve our continent and its people and make an impactful contribution in an ongoing and sustainable way. We’re not alone in this thinking and several of our partners make similar contributions. Travelling with Rhino Africa, or any of our partners, makes those contributions possible – whether its funding conservation efforts, serving communities through education or healthcare or ensuring legacies and cultures are preserved, there’s far more to African travel than meets the eye.

Here are some of our partners’ initiatives that truly show the power of African travel:

Natural Selection:

Khwai Village Outreach – Botswana

Cultural experiences shared with guests impart knowledge and protect cultures. Image credit: Natural Selection

The local communities have lived off the land for generations, and the elders of this village are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the Khwai region. The Khwai Cultural Village project runs hand in hand alongside community elders to create a village that guests from local lodges in Khwai Private Reserve are able to visit. The sharing of insights into the cultural heritage of the area and time-honoured practices, such as traditional harvesting and natural remedies, make for an impactful addition to a classic safari experience while preserving a truly unique culture.

African Bush Camps Foundation:

Maunga Health Centre – Zambia

Providing healthcare services to communities in desperate need has the ability to not only transform, but save lives. Image credit: African Bush Camps Foundation

The African Bush Camps Foundation are actively involved in the creation of the Maunga Health Centre near Livingstone, Zambia which serves a 3500 person strong community. Previously 20km away from the nearest medical resources, the community will benefit from attention to healthcare issues that have plagued them for years, such as the typhoid and cholera illnesses which are easily treatable yet widespread as a result of poor sanitation. This fundamental contribution to quality of life is hopeful of being a step towards the sustainable development of the region and its people. 


Good Work Foundation – South Africa

Iniciativas como Good Work Foundation ayudan a que menos niños vivan en riesgo de contraer la malaria
Initiatives like the Good Work Foundation are focused on making a meaningful and sustainable impact in the communities that they serve

From humble beginnings as a prototype digital learning centre in the Londolozi Village, the Good Work Foundation has grown and developed as a futuristic schooling model able to deliver world-class education to students of all ages in remote villages of rural South Africa. Not only designed to supplement the existing schooling system but to prepare learners technically and emotionally for the arriving digital cloud economy and facilitate access to gainful employment, it prides itself on providing pathways that lead to a long-term positive impact on local communities. Further embodying this commitment is the recruitment of staff entirely from the communities it serves, providing training and guidance to ensure that they too develop.

Rhino Africa:

Khumbulani EduCare Centre – Khayelitsha

Khumbulani Educare Centre provides the building blocks for young lives to thrive

Since it’s founding in 2000, Khumbulani has acted as a haven for 300 HIV Aids-infected and -affected children but has become a beacon of light in a community desperate for help. Established as a soup kitchen, vegetable garden and daycare centre, it has developed into an Educare Centre that provides foundation phase schooling and acts as a stepping stone for those who need it so desperately.

Wildlife ACT

Conservation efforts rely on sustainable eco-tourism to protect endangered species. Image credit: Wildlife ACT

Rhino Africa partnered with Wildlife ACT in 2012 and have seen the immense growth and success of their projects ever since. As our name might imply, anything Rhino related, and particularly their conservation hits a soft spot in our heart. Wildlife ACT is a team of dedicated conservationists who aim to bring our endangered and threatened wildlife back from the brink of extinction. Working hand in hand with reserves by funding, facilitating and managing ongoing monitoring and conservation projects they are on the frontlines of Africa’s conservation battle.

As you can see, when you make the choice to travel to Africa, you serve far more than yourself, the tour operator or even the teams at your destinations. The impact that your visit has is felt by generations, contributes to the legacy of our continent and helps protect it, so that many more travellers may follow in your footsteps. The power of African travel is so much greater than meets the eye.

If you’re like us and would like to be leaving more than those footsteps when you travel. Or to contribute to any of the above-mentioned causes, we’re only a few clicks away. Contact one of our Rhino Africa travel experts, who will help you plan and book your dream African safari holiday today.

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