March 31

Story Time: The Tale of the African Easter Bunny


By David Ryan on
March 31, 2021

You’ve heard all about the Easter bunny, but have you ever heard of the African Easter bunny? As Easter approaches, we thought we would share with you the tale of our very own African Easter Bunny — the Easter Hare! 

African Easter Bunny Story Time

It was a dark and stormy night in Sabi Sand Private Game Reserve. One of Silvan Safari Lodge‘s new rangers Stephan, was driving back to the lodge. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the Easter “Hare” hopped straight across the middle of the road! While young Stephan swerved to avoid hitting the hare, the Easter Hare, unfortunately, jumped right in front of Stephan’s Land Rover! 

His basket of eggs went flying all over the place! Being a very sensitive young man, a conservationist and animal lover, our ranger broke down when he realised that, to his utter dismay, that the hare was dead. He felt so awful, and he could not stop the tears from streaming down his face.

Oh No! Who Will Save The African Easter Bunny?

Just then, one of our female rangers, Stephanie, pulled up. Stepping out of her Land Rover, she asked Stephan what was wrong. 

“I feel terrible,” he explained. “I accidentally hit the Easter Hare and killed it! Children around the world are going to be so disappointed! What should I do?”

As always, Stephanie told Stephan not to worry. “I know exactly what to do!” she exclaimed.

She went over to her Land Rover and pulled out a spray can. Stephanie then sprayed the contents of the can onto the furry animal and waited a couple of seconds.

It’s An Easter Miracle

Miraculously, the Easter Hare came to life! He jumped up, picked up the easter eggs, and waved to Stephanie and Stephan with his paw. Off he went, hopping down the road, turning around periodically to wave again. He kept waving at them until he disappeared into the horizon. 

Stephan was astounded! He couldn’t figure out what substance it had been in Stephanie’s spray can. He hurried over to her as she was climbing into her Land Rover.

“What was in your spray can? What did you just spray on the Easter Hare?” he demanded in awe.

Stephanie looked at him and handed him the can. He turned it around to read the label. 

It said: ‘”Hair spray. Restores life to dead hair and adds a permanent wave!”

PS – While Stephanie and Stephan are real life rangers at Silvan Safari  – no hares were harmed in the making of this story!

Join Us in Africa for More Safari Stories Around the Fire

When you visit Africa, stories like these are often shared huddled around the fire. Contact us today, and we’ll plan the ultimate adventure for you and your family on the ever-exciting African continent.

Who knows, maybe you’ll even get to meet the Easter Hare!

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