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The Leopards of Londolozi: The Story Behind the Reserve’s Superstars


By Luke Lalin on
June 21, 2021

The leopards of Londolozi are superstars in their own right. These spectacular creatures reside at Londolozi Private Game Reserve, where our Rhino Africa Travel Experts have, for many years now, repeatedly sent our guests.

Londolozi is a family-owned and run lodge situated within the world-famous Sabi Sand Reserve, bordering Kruger National ParkAs the leaders of the experiential safari, the reserve has a secret weapon up its sleeve – the leopards of Londolozi. And with the highest concentration of leopards found anywhere in the world, this secret weapon certainly sets them apart.

We take a closer look at why this reserve has become a leopard haven and such a sought-after safari destination.

Meet the Leopards of Londolozi 

It is no secret that the Sabi Sand Private Game Reserve is the place to go if you want to see leopard in the wild. And in the heart of this reserve, with the highest density of leopard in the world, you’ll find Londolozi.

Their leopard journey started almost four decades ago with one single leopard, named Mother Leopard. Thereafter, it triggered a leopard dynasty that today defines Londolozi.

Over the years, through active tracking, meticulous records, and painstaking work, they have accumulated some of the world’s most intricate and comprehensive leopard behaviour records on earth.

Today, you can also track each leopard’s genetic lineage and movements through their interactive website – a real drawcard for any wildlife enthusiast!

Londolozi’s guides and trackers have continued to develop in-depth relationships with all of these now-famous leopards. Furthermore, they allow guests to get a sneak peek of these rare, intimate encounters by taking them for an up-close game drive, or by sharing unbelievable footage.

This footage keeps getting more remarkable by the day! For example, in case you missed it, just take a look at this unique scenario featuring a leopard and a lion in a tree.

More than any of the other Big 5, watching a leopard in the wild fundamentally changes you. They are graceful, powerful and elegant, and therefore reason enough to visit Londolozi.

Londolozi Up-Close: Where You’ll Stay

Londolozi has five ultra-luxurious lodges, all on the banks of the Sand River. Each lodge is uniquely designed and offers guests incredible views of the river and African bush beyond it. This consistent water source also means that Africa’s wildlife is quite literally on your doorstep. 

Three of Londolozi’s luxury lodges, namely Pioneer Camp, Tree Camp and Private Granite Suites, are also Relais & Châteaux properties. In fact, Londolozi was also the first safari lodge in Africa to be bestowed with this title. Having joined the Relais & Châteaux family in 1993, this outstanding fellowship of family-run hotels celebrates total immersion. Culture, heritage, and a commitment to sustainability drive everything they do.

Your stay at Londolozi isn’t just about going on safari. It’s a personalised, experiential journey. And, as the safari pioneers, no one does a safari experience quite like Londolozi. 

Leopard walking in front of a game vehicle on safari at Londolozi
A leopard leading the way at Londolozi. Credit: Felix Studios

Commitment to being the Protector of all Living Things

Londolozi means “protector of all living things”, which has been the driving force behind everything they do. Not only are they committed to protecting our natural spaces and the animals, but they are also committed to safekeeping all of it for future generations.

Your stay at Londolozi is about more than experiencing the magic of Africa at every turn. Instead, it’s about knowing that your visit guarantees that they can continue sharing the magic of Londolozi and its leopards with future generations.

See the Leopards of Londolozi for Yourself 

Contact our Travel Experts to make your very own Londolozi adventure come true.



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