August 17

Silvan Safari Blog – What Makes Silvan So Special?


August 17, 2021

We don’t mean to brag, but at Silvan, we like to think we’re a little bit special. After all, we are the title winners of the World’s Leading Luxury Lodge for three consecutive years. So, we feel like a smidge of pride is not entirely out of place.

But what is it that makes Silvan so special? Well, we thought the answer would be best coming from our guests!

Our Wildly Wonderful Wildlife

Leopards at Silvan
Leopards come standard at Silvan. Image Credit: Katharina Mandy

“The wildlife was spectacular: The Big 5, leopards mating a few metres away from our vehicle, following African Wild Dogs on a hunt. I can highly recommend Silvan” – Johan Maree.

We know that the animals are the stars of the show on any safari. And Silvan is no different in that respect. We are lucky to be able to offer some of the best leopard sightings anywhere on Earth and we all but guarantee an amazing encounter with these sublime big cats. We pride ourselves on ensuring that every guest that visits us departs with at least one breathtaking moment, although it’s rarely limited to just one!

Wining and Dining

Fine Dining at Silvan
Fine dining at Silvan Safari.

“The service was incredible, making us feel at home but also like kings. The food is exceptional, with incredible wine pairings. I would give 10 stars if I could.” – Flo Neacsu.

Personalised wine and food pairings are a particular favourite for food and wine connoisseurs alike and can be selected to suit your taste.

Whether you choose to dine on our lower breakfast deck, the Modjaji dining room or under the shade of our outdoor gazebos, we know you’ll be captivated by the flavours and aromas coming out of our kitchen.

Dashing Décor and Design

Silvan Cassia Suite
Cassia suite reflects the attention to design shown throughout Silvan.

“Where Silvan differs from traditional safari lodges is in their design approach; this alone is something to behold. The spectacular open-plan design really invites the surrounding bush in, which made me feel closer to nature. At the same time, the modern décor reflects the extravagance of the Silvan experience. Silvan Safari truly is a paradise unlike any other.” – Phillipa Reinders.

Architectural elegance optimises the design aesthetic behind each of our six unique suites. Drawing inspiration from the indigenous trees found around the lodge, we’ve intertwined elements such as their name, form and colour into every suite.

The design is bespoke and offers individually handcrafted masterpieces throughout. And artistic brilliance has been incorporated in every detail, enticing you to look a little closer and take in these hidden gems.

The Smiles Behind Silvan Magic

silvan safari staff
At Silvan, our team are our family.

“Amazing resort with wonderful staff. I cannot say enough about the attentive service at Silvan Safari. Who knew you could get a gourmet culinary experience in the middle of the bush! The guides and trackers are equally talented at helping you experience all the great sights Sabi Sands has to offer.” – Emi Maruyama.

An essential ingredient to what makes Silvan genuinely extraordinary is the team that is our Silvan family.

Hailing from all corners of Africa, but with many coming from the very communities surrounding the lodge, their passion and love for curating unique African bush experiences is what breathes life into every Silvan adventure.

The Devil’s in the Details

Guests experience are the ultimate priority of the team at Silvan Safari.

“I have never stayed in a place where I felt that every little thing had been thought of before. And I’m not sure how anything can compare after this. Thank you, Silvan, for making this family trip so absolutely wonderful.” – Alida Ryder.

As the expression goes, “the devil is in the details”, and we couldn’t agree more. At Silvan, what true luxury means to us is taking care of the little things.

Careful consideration of our guests and curated experiences means that whilst we hold ourselves to an exceptional standard, every experience is as unique as the person immersed in it.

It’s Your Turn to Visit Africa’s Leading Luxury Lodge

An African sunset at Silvan Safari in South Africa.

We’re proud to have once again been nominated in the World Travel awards categories of South Africa’s and Africa’s Leading Luxury Lodge for the fourth consecutive year. Having won both of these awards in the three previous years before claiming the title of World’s Leading Luxury Lodge. Vote for us and help us retain our crown!

With all of this said, it’s not surprising that Silvan consistently ranks as one of the best safari experiences you can have anywhere in Africa, if not the world! Our staff are incredibly proud of our reputation and achievements and know their vital role in all we achieve together. And so do our guests, for without you all taking your place in the Silvan family, we would cease to exist.

Experience the Silvan Safari Dream

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