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Silvan Safari in Pictures

By Marlin Clark on February 9, 2024

Just like the changing seasons in the wild, Silvan Safari has embraced nature's teachings and embarked on a magnificent journey of renewal. Join us in taking a closer look at these transformative changes by enjoying this visual treat of Silvan Safari in pictures.


Silvan Safari is renowned for its leopard sightings

In the heart of Sabi Sand Game Reserve, Silvan Safari offers a front-row seat to nature's spectacular interactions. Witnessing moments like this, where a leopard cub shares a tender moment with its mother, is what the private game-viewing experience is all about. 


Interiors of main lounge area at Silvan Safari

The ultra-luxurious Silvan Safari Lodge

Every part of Silvan Safari pays homage to the surrounding trees and is weaved through elements such as the colour palette, décor, and materials used.


Silvan Safari Cassia Suite

Cassia Suite reflects the attention to design shown throughout Silvan Safari

Named after the "golden rain tree," the Cassia Suite celebrates the rich tones of its namesake, the cassia tree. With its sumptuous couch and ottoman, it invites you to daydream while enjoying the surrounding wildlife. This suite truly is luxury without compromising on your comfort, even in the most minor details.


Knobthorn Suite interior design

Relax in the Knobthorn Suite’s oversized bath while enjoying a selection of scented bath salts, oils or bubbles

Settle back into the Knobthorn Suite's bath with a view and let the bubbles and sensational wilderness carry your worries away as you gaze out of the expansive windows overlooking the riverbed.


Tree Wisteria suite outdoor bath

Tree Wisteria Suite now features a glamorous outdoor bath

Tree Wisteria's newest addition, the outdoor bath, is a masterpiece for the senses. Let the starry African night enchant your senses, and feel nature's calming embrace.


Swim laps in the beautiful pool on the Jackalberry main deck

Hang out on the Jackalberry main deck or by your own plunge pool

Enjoy Silvan Safari's main swimming pool on the main deck, overlooking the Manyeleti riverbed, for suntanning, cooling off, or even a surprise visit from an elephant taking a refreshing drink.


A light lunch at SIlvan Safari in the Sabi Sand Game Reserve

Ignite all the senses with the tastes of Silvan

At Silvan Safari, personalised food and wine pairings are a favourite among guests. Regardless of what's on the menu, each dining experience is sure to leave you wanting more.


The staff at Silvan Safari will satisfy your every whim

After a recent stay at Silvan Safari, a guest praised the exceptional service, food, and wine pairings, saying it deserves ten stars if possible! Silvan Safari's staff strives to give guests the royal treatment in every single way.


At Silvan Safari, the Big 5 are all around 

Sabi Sand is home to the Big 5, which you can encounter on private game drives. Expert guides lead the way as they share their profound knowledge and passion for the African bush.


Take a walk on the wilder side of life 

Step off the beaten path and get up close to nature on guided bush walks. Guests can experience a variety of animals up close while traversing the bush on foot.


The lilac-breasted roller is one of nature's most colourful masterpieces

Keep your eyes peeled for nature's smaller treasures, too. With some expert guidance, you'll be amazed at the world of birdlife that surrounds you.


A celebratory "cheers" to an incredible day spent on safari 

Witnessing sunrises and sunsets in the African bushveld is a profound, almost spiritual experience. It's a moment that invites you to embrace the beauty of the wild, especially when it's coupled with a sundowner in hand.


There's never a wrong time for a gin and tonic at Silvan Safari 

Lounge on your private deck or plunge pool and savour a quintessential safari drink – gin and tonic. With the most extensive gin collection in Sabi Sand, there's plenty to toast to at Silvan Safari.


Jackalberry main lodge interior

Nature's signature is found on every detail at Silvan Safari 

At Silvan Safari, every detail matters. The lodge's design artfully weaves nature into every space, creating a tribute to the wild. You'll find your eye constantly wandering and appreciating every little (and big) thing.


Silvan Safari's Leadwood Suite

Experience the Leadwood Suite, where families unite 

The Leadwood Suite, named after the ancient Leadwood tree growing out of the deck, is perfect for family safaris, offering luxurious family living in the bush. 


Silvan Safari's Blue Guarri Suite

Silvan Safari's Blue Guarri Suite has a space for every moment 

Inspired by the often-overlooked Blue Guarri tree, the Blue Guarri Suite is a realm of refined wilderness. Tucked away in a lush forest, it's a sanctuary of seclusion, offering ultimate privacy.


Silvan Safari's Tree Wisteria Suite

An enchanting ode to Mother Nature's beauty, Silvan Safari's Tree Wisteria Suite will delight

The Tree Wisteria Suite celebrates the purple hues of a blooming tree wisteria found in nature. The suite brings luxury to life with exquisite furnishings and a vibrant colour scheme. 


Floor to ceiling windows in the Silvan Safari Ansellia Spa

Let the talented therapists at Ansellia Spa work their magic while you unwind

Anselli Spa offers a holistic wellness experience, integrating local rituals and indigenous ingredients into treatments while you soak up the sounds and views of the bush around you.


Swim laps in the beautiful pool on the Jackalberry main deck

Swim laps in the beautiful pool on the jackalberry Main Deck

The Jackalberry main deck offers panoramic views of the Manyeleti riverbed, making it the perfect spot for wildlife watching from afar. You'll find yourself simply staring out at the view, letting your mind roam free.


Silvan Safari's high tea is a spread of the most delicious sweet and savoury snacks

Silvan Safari's high tea is a spread of the most delicious sweet and savoury snacks

High tea at Silvan Safari is an event on its own, with an array of homemade sweet and savoury treats fit for royalty. You deserve this indulgence!


Leopard in a tree at Silvan Safari in Sabi Sand

Can you spot the leopard with its prey?

Silvan Safari's exclusive location and wildlife density will impress even those who've been on safari many times. Plus, it's well-known for its frequent leopard sightings, showing that even the most elusive creatures love Silvan Safari.


Rest assured, you'll see plenty of big cats at Silvan Safari 

One of the most requested members of the Big 5 to see on safari, it's almost guaranteed that you will enjoy plenty of exhilarating encounters with lion prides. And sometimes, they'll even have little ones in tow!


The African buffalo and oxpecker bird have a win-win relationship

The oxpecker does more than just hitch a ride here. This relationship is a beautiful example of the intricate connections in nature. The birds feast on parasites such as fleas and ticks, while the buffalo gets a good clean.


From sunrise to sunset, Silvan Safari puts on a show

Imagine swimming here under the stars or sitting down for dinner with the wildlife symphony as your soundtrack... Silvan Safari always has something in store to surprise you.

Experience Silvan Safari Through Your Own Eyes

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