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Silvan Safari Blog: Meet Some of Our Wildlife Guests


By Stevan Loffler on August 25, 2021

Although we have guests coming to Silvan Safari from all over the world, they’re not the only ones visiting the World’s Leading Luxury Lodge. From time to time (more often than not), we have Silvan’s wildlife residents visiting the lodge to pop in to say hello, forage for food, or quench their thirst.

You might have heard about (or even seen for yourself!) our beloved leopard Tiyani or Thandi and their cubs. Our elephants also surprise and delight our guests by sneaking a sip with their trunks from the Silvan plunge pools.

Mom and son leopards at Silvan Safari
Thandi and her son Maribye. Credit: Nigel Ridge

Day to Night, Different Crowds

At Silvan, no two days are the same. And day and night differ…well, like day and night. It’s possible to see from the smallest nocturnal (most active at night) species, such as the genet, to the biggest diurnal (most active during the day) species like the Nyala bushbuck. 

The birds also demand that you notice them, singing their tunes as the day carries on. You’ll spot some movement in the trees as squirrels happily hop from branch to branch in search of that perfect tree to call home. And all of this happens at once while you’re feasting on the breakfast deck after your sunrise safari. Often, a herd of elephants will shuffle past in the riverbed to add to the show, or the usually-elusive-but-not-here leopards will pop in to to get a peek of our guests.

Silvan Safari is known as ‘Nature’s Stage’, after all!

Safari from Anywhere, Anytime

When you think of going on safari, you probably have your standard game vehicle in mind, tracking down animals for a glimpse.

However, at Silvan, you’re in the centre of all this action – in the wildlife dense Sabi Sand Private Game Reserve nonetheless. Even before going on an action-filled safari, you simply have to sit back anywhere, at any time, at the lodge, and you’ll see something. Always be prepared to see the unbelievable, as I always say to guests. The wildlife is around you all the time. They see you before you see them. All you have to do is open your eyes and look for them.

Silvan safari offers incredible interiors
Simple and understated elegance mirror the perfect balance of the natural world.

Your Silvan Lullaby 

As you are tucked away in your ridiculously luxurious bed, don’t forget it’s merely a thin wall separating you from Mother Nature. And you’ll fall asleep to the sounds of the hyenas cackling outside your bedside window, the distant raspy roar of lions getting ready to start their evening hunt. Maybe even a fight between a hyena and leopard under the lodge’s main breakfast deck. 

Hyena coming out to visit the lodge at night. Photo Credit: Silvan Safari

From when you wake in the morning to when you rest your head on your pillow at night, there’s nonstop action happening all around you at the Silvan Lodge.  

Daily Bush Rituals for Silvan’s Wildlife

When you stroll from your room to the main lodge, you’ll more than likely see the Nyala and bushbuck antelopes feeding on the ground. Above them, cheeky monkeys swing from the trees, knocking down fruit and insects for ground-dwelling birds such as the crested francolin and Natal Spurfowl. And don’t forget the famous helmeted guineafowl!

Nyala bushbuck at Silvan Safari
Nyala bushbuck. Credit: Stevan Loffler

However, while keeping your eyes on the ground and inspecting the smaller details, always stay alert. Once the bush’s beaked residents spot a predator, the alarm calls are sounded for all prey species to find a hiding place, while some, like the brave fork-tailed drongo, will take action. These birds mob the predator from all angles, making sure never to lose sight of the danger.

So as you can see, when keeping your eyes and ears open, you’ll witness a lot of the action happening around you. 

Always Be Present 

A phrase that all of us guides learn while getting our qualification is “situational awareness is key”. You have to know what’s happening around you at all times. You’ll be amazed at what you can experience and pass on to others as stories around the fire.

And that’s just a walk from your room to the main lodge in the day. Now imagine what goes on in the darkness around you as you lay in the warm embrace of your bed, sheltered safely behind four walls. 

Africa is an exhilarating, fascinating place. And Silvan is simply the portal to all her glorious wonders.

Michael admitting an elephant at Silvan while under lockdown
The perfect design to navigate the African bush, the mighty elephant

Meet Silvan’s Wildlife

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