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Rhinos Saving Rhinos Fundraising Competition


By Luke Lalin on
September 21, 2021

On 22 September, the world celebrates the 10th World Rhino Day, and this is a particularly special day for all of us here at Rhino Africa. Since we love a good celebration, it’s, therefore, the perfect opportunity not only to honour our favourite animal but also to raise some money to help protect them. Without further preamble, welcome to the launch of our Rhinos Saving Rhinos Fundraising Competition.

&Beyond Phinda Private Game Reserve's rhino wildlife in KwaZulu-Natal
Endangered white rhino in KwaZulu-Natal. Credit &BeyondPhinda

Why Rhinos Saving Rhinos?

Well, our very own Rhino Crash, full of amazing Rhino Africa employees (a.k.a Rhinos), are passionate about protecting Africa’s incredible wildlife and wild spaces. And one of our Impact Partners, Wildlife ACT, works tirelessly on the ground to make this happen. They operate all over Africa but have had notable success in dehorning rhinos in the wildlife reserves of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

Dehorning rhinos might seems like a drastic measure. However, it’s vital in safeguarding this species and has proven hugely successful. As such, Rhino Africa is on a mission to raise over $100,000 to help support and fund the projects undertaken by Wildlife ACT. Covid-19 severely affected travel and as a result, funding typically generated by international visitors staying at these reserves has also been drastically reduced.

If you’re as passionate as we are about wildlife conservation and feel it’s often difficult to make a tangible difference to the world we live in, join us in our mission to safeguard our incredible wildlife for future generations. Now is your chance to make a difference!

How Do I Enter the Competition?

There are two ways in which you can enter this incredible competition.

  1. You’re automatically entered into the draw when you book a holiday with Rhino Africa between 22 September 2021 and 28 February 2022. Every confirmed booking made before 28 February 2022 will get an entry into the competition.
  2. You will earn one entry into the competition by donating $100 directly to the Rhinos Saving Rhinos Fundraising Initiative run by Rhino Africa’s formalised grant organisation, Rise Africa Foundation. Every additional $100 entered will earn another entry into the draw.

When Will You Announce the Winner?

The competition will run from 22 September 2021 and close on 28 February 2022. We will announce the winners by 31 March 2022. T&Cs apply.

Wildlife ACT's Jo Maree in Zululand taking part in a de-horning project.
Special moments on a Wildlife ACT de-horning project in Zululand. Image Credit: Wildlife ACT

What Can I Win?

We have three exciting prizes in total, two of which include a rare rhino dehorning experience.

  1. First Prize: A six-night luxury Kruger and KwaZulu-Natal rhino dehorning experience.
  2. Second Prize: A six-night luxury Cape Town and KwaZulu-Natal rhino dehorning experience.
  3. Third Prize: A three-night luxury Cape Town holiday.

Help Protect Our Rhinos

rhinos saving rhinos competition - baby rhino
Rhinos are our real-life unicorns.

In 2020, a rhino was poached every 22 hours in South Africa. This figure is frightening. And while poaching has steadily declined from its peak of 1,215 rhinos poached in 2014 to 394 in 2020, consistent poaching over the past decade has decimated the natural South African rhino population.

The Wildlife ACT team has worked incredibly hard to take the steam out of the poaching crisis in South Africa. And their rhino dehorning programme in multiple reserves in KwaZulu-Natal have shown incredible results. However, there’s always more we can do. While anti-poaching and rhino dehorning programmes may be established, they need consistent funding to help protect these majestic creatures.

About Wildlife ACT

moving a rhino during a rhino dehorning expedition
Our wildlife sometimes need a helping human hand.

Wildlife ACT was co-founded in 2008 to ensure sustainable, long-term monitoring and conservation projects. Therefore, they’re unique in that they actively advance conservation. They do this through initiating, implementing and managing monitoring projects on reserves without existing monitoring programmes. Or by taking over existing monitoring projects on reserves that can no longer fund or manage them.

To fund these monitoring projects, Wildlife ACT runs wildlife volunteer programs. As a result, volunteers get both a wildlife experience and directly contribute to conservation through their time, efforts and funds. Wildlife ACT currently focuses on Zululand and is 100% reliant on the support of our conservation volunteers. 

They assist conservation teams with daily tracking and monitoring of endangered species such as African wild dogs, cheetah and black rhino. Conservation volunteers get far more than the typical safari experience. In fact, they play an active role in real-life conservation.

Read more about Rhinos and our conservation efforts here:


If Africa is calling your name, and your desire to see rhinos and all the other incredible creatures in their natural environment is insurmountable, then contact our Travel Experts today to book your dream African holiday.


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