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Silvan’s Wildlife Sightings in February: Silvan Safari Blog


By Nigel Ridge on
March 1, 2022

Silvan's wildlife sightings in February have been spectacular. The past four weeks have also been some of the warmest days we've experienced in a long time, with no sign of rain, let alone any clouds anywhere in sight. The bush is dense and green, with waterholes still flourishing and mud wallows still full. However, that hasn’t stopped the incredible sightings at Silvan Safari from flowing in.

Langa leopard at Silvan in a tree

Langa keeping a lookout, image credit: Nigel Ridge

Magical Marula Season

Silvan is quite far to the north in Sabi Sand Private Game Reserve. The marula trees found here bear fruit between January and March, which lures elephants in particular because they absolutely love these fruit! And so do we because this means elephant abundance in the reserve! From big solitary bulls to breeding herds, we've been fortunate with some of Silvan's wildlife sightings featuring these gentle giants up-close and personal. 

South Africa is off the UK red list

Our beloved elephants at Silvan are a highlight on safari

Who Let The Dogs Out?

We haven't had any African wild dog sightings in a while in the north. So, we were fortunate enough to see not one but two different packs hanging around in the area, treating us to spectacular sightings.

The one sighting, in particular, stands out for me when the dogs were on the hunt, chasing impala everywhere. Then, suddenly, one came running towards the vehicle, and the dogs made the kill right next to us. The kill was done and dusted in a matter of minutes, with hyenas trying to steal the scraps. The interaction and noises were something to behold! It was an exceptional morning with these extraordinary animals.

African wild dog

African wild dogs are one of our favourite sightings to share with guests

Looking for Spots

This month, the leopard sightings have been incredible and plentiful, with numerous sightings of the elegant Makomsava female hunting and posing beautifully in the Marula trees.

The Xinzele female leopard also marked her territory and established herself more north, whereas the Xidulu female is constantly on the hunt, with two new cubs to look after.


Tiyani at Silvan Safari, image credit: Nigel Ridge

The two young boys, Maribye and Shasha, have been strutting their stuff in the east, showing off and giving our guests some fantastic photos and memories. The sighting of the month so far was definitely the unexpected visit of Tiyani and her two cubs at the lodge who, after hours of tracking, listening to alarm calls and walking, we managed to find them behind Silvan lodge with not one but two kills – a baby Nyala and an adult impala. It was a spectacular sighting of the three of them, which we were extremely fortunate to witness.

On The Lion Front 

We've been so fortunate to see several lion prides throughout the month, from the Torchwood lion that occupies the east that's very rarely seen to our more known Nkuhuma pride.

We've had the 11 Nkuhumas around most of the time in the west, providing some great sightings as well as the split three lionesses and seven cubs in the east who also gifted us with some fantastic photo opportunities. 

Blondie and Mohawk Northern Avoca Males

Blondie and Mohawk Northern Avoca Males, image credit: Nigel Ridge

The two big Avoca males are also seen more often now and have been viewed scent marking and roaring a few times, making sure everybody knows who's still in charge of the north. The best sightings have been from the Talamati pride, eight adults in pristine condition, eating well and thriving in the area. The Talamati pride is generally an active pride which is terrific for us to see lions moving, walking and hunting, providing us with some great sightings.

Year-Round Spectacular: Silvan's Wildlife Sightings 

The bush always continues to amaze and give us something different and spectacular every game drive, from incredible leopard, African wild dog or lion or even just the surreal sunsets in the west or stargazing when the light fades. There's always something out here to cherish and to make you want to come back for more.

We can't wait to welcome you to Silvan soon! Contact Rhino Africa's Travel Experts to make it happen.

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