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15 Beautiful Photos That Will Make You Want to Visit Namibia


By Marlin Clark on
June 18, 2022

Have you ever been to Namibia? Not many places in the world can compete with its dramatic landscapes, fascinating cultures and seemingly endless horizons. Our hand-picked selection of photos will make you want to visit Namibia for a luxury African safari. Ready, set...go!


An oryx wandering along orange dunes

A typical postcard picture of Namibi, Image Credit: andBeyond Sossusvlei Desert Lodge

Nothing says Namibia like an oryx wandering along orange dunes. Keep your eyes peeled for these desert-adapted antelopes.


Located inside of the Namib-Naukluft Park in Namibia is Deadvlei

Scatterings of dead trees in Deadvlei 

Deadvlei is a must-visit destination in Namibia. The contrasting colours of the white pans, orange dunes and blue sky create the perfect backdrop for your holiday photos.


Historical landmark Christ Church at dusk in Windhoek

The capital and largest city in Namibia, Image Credit: R.M. Nunes

Want to visit Namibia? Your unforgettable safari experience will most likely start and end in Windhoek, the capital city. From museums to German architecture, there's so much to see in the heart of the country.


Discover the Fish River Canyon in Namibia

Africa's very own Grand Canyon, Image Credit: Canyon Roadhouse

Further south, close to the South African border, the Fish River Canyon wows with an ocean of rock formations. Africa's largest – and the world's second-largest – canyon stretches over 160 kilometres in length, 27 kilometres in width and is up to 550 metres deep.


a hot air balloon flight over the Sossusvlei National Park landscape at sunrise

Hot air balloon rides over the Namibian desert, Image Credit: Udo Kieslich

Let's go on a Namib desert adventure! Explore the NamibRand Nature Reserve on a photographic safari or track wildlife with a safari guide. And as Africa's very first International Dark Sky Reserve, stargazing here is out of this world!


desert-adapted elephants in Damaraland

Namibia's desert-adapted elephants, Image Credit: Damaraland Camp

Namibia… isn't the country a popular safari destination? Yes, you're right, it is! Damaraland offers you a unique wildlife experience. Don't miss out on the chance to see desert-adapted animals such as elephants, lions, rhinos and brown hyenas.


A tree with multiple sociable weaver nests.

A tree with multiple sociable weaver nests, Image Credit: Desert Camp

Namibia's flora and fauna will take your breath away. These sociable weavers' nests are only one of many examples showing how wonderful Mother Nature is.


The brown hyena is the rarest of the hyena species

The brown hyena adapted to surviving in the arid Kalahari and Namib deserts, Image Credit: Serra Cafema Camp

What a special sight! If the brown hyena is on your sightings list, you should add the arid Namib and Kalahari deserts to your safari itinerary.


desert-adapted lions in Namibia

Desert-adapted lions in Namibia

Water is the source of life. Therefore, watering holes are a great spot to see Africa's famous wildlife. And who doesn't want to visit Namibia to see these incredible desert-adapted lions?


The Himba of Namibia

Namibia's Himba tribe, Image Credit: Serra Cafema Camp

Namibia is a melting pot of different cultures like the Himba, Herero and Ovambo, to name just a few. Take your time to learn more about the fascinating tribes during your stay in the country.


Palm and baobab trees lining the riverbed in Epupa Falls

Surrounded by truly enchanting scenery, Image Credit: Omarunga Epupa-Falls Camp

Desert, dunes and sand are not the only things Namibia is famous for. Visit the scenic Epupa Falls near Angola's border. Or travel to the Caprivi Strip in the western part of the country for lush greenery and visits to Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia.


The animal kingdom of Etosha

A wilderness haven where you can expect to see all kinds of animals, Image Credit: R.M. Nunes

Etosha National Park is often the main reason our guests want to visit Namibia. With over 114 mammal and 340 bird species, the national park deserves its place among the prime safari destinations in southern Africa.


The Skeleton Coastline

One of Africa's great untouched wildernesses, the Skeleton Coast

Where the desert meets the ocean, the Skeleton Coast stretches over 500 kilometres in the country's north. Swakopmund, a charming town, is the ideal place to start your coastal journey.


The best-known breeding colony of Cape fur seals along the Namib coast

Cape fur seal soaks up the sun, Image Credit: Ivan Kmit

Namibia's coastline is also home to the Cape Cross Seal Colony, the largest Cape fur seal colony in the world.


Kolmanskop is a ghost town in the Namib in southern Namibia

Kolmanskop, reclaimed by the desert

Kolmanskop is a real gem! Outside of Lüderitz, this abandoned diamond-mining town offers a more adventurous kind of sightseeing. Here you can walk through sand-filled buildings that have been abandoned for more than a century.

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