July 29

Reimagining Education in Africa with The Good Work Foundation


July 29, 2022

The Good Work Foundation (GWF) is Africa's first digital learning campus model for rural communities. They believe education is one of the most crucial parts of shaping our future. It will influence the next generation's choices, direction, and motivation. This, in turn, directly affects our communities and the world around us. Therefore, everything the Good Work Foundation does is based on this principle. As changemakers, they offer pupils and adults the chance to tap into the world's technologies at their state-of-the-art digital campuses in rural areas. As one of Rhino Africa's Impact Partners, we're fiercely proud of their work. So, here's why we support them and, by travelling with us, you do too.

The Good Work Foundation's students

The Good Work Foundation enables students to work with technology, Image Credit: GWF 

The Education Gap 

In South Africa, there's not only a high unemployment rate but also a massive education gap. Students who start school often don't reach their final year, and many of them don't continue to tertiary education. Therefore, this drop-off in education is one of the key contributing factors to our country's high unemployment rate.

Founder and CEO of the Good Work Foundation, Kate Groch, saw this need and wanted to inspire (and, more importantly, action) change.

Enter The Good Work Foundation 

Kate saw an immense hunger for knowledge in the small rural town of Hazyview, near Kruger National Park. This sparked the idea to reimagine education, showing young children and adults the possibility of a future they never thought possible.

However, it's not a school. Instead, for adult learners, it's a bridging post. On the other hand, for young pupils, it's all about filling in those gaps that the formal South African school system cannot reach.

"Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world." - Nelson Mandela.
The Good Work Foundation's campus in Hazyview

The Good Work Foundation's campus in Hazyview, Image Credit: GWF

Shaping Minds  

Today, the Good Work Foundation's (GWF) work has not gone unnoticed by the world, and they've reaped Gold, Silver and Bronze at the International Reimagine Education Awards. 

They currently run five campuses with over 7,000 children and hundreds of young adults, all investing in a better tomorrow. And not only for themselves but also for future generations and their community.

Citizens of the Future

The Good Work Foundation's goal is to become more than just another campus. They want to help young developing students finish school strong. Furthermore, they want to guide adult learners looking to enter the working world. It's about more than education. It's about building up confidence in them that will instil a passion and drive to build the future they want.

Bridging the gap between school and working at The Good Work Foundation

Education is not only for school children, adults also have a chance to upskill and enter the workforce, Image Credit: GWF

Making Education Accessible 

Another big issue in these rural communities is access to technology. However, through the Good Work Foundation, learners get to learn about and use the best technology to help "leapfrog" them into the digital future. Furthermore, through the power of technology, information sharing and online studying have become more achievable in these remote areas.

In small rural communities, students often finish school and are unsure of their next step. As a result, the Good Work Foundation started its own sustainable enterprise that employs alumni from the foundation, thereby increasing the employment rate and revenue stream for the area.

Based on the region's job needs, the Good Work Foundation developed courses in hospitality, conservation and Information Technology (IT) to further uplift the community.

Technology enables the Good Work Foundation to really make a difference

Technology enables the Good Work Foundation to really make a difference, Image Credit: GWF

The Good Work Foundation Programmes

Here are the different programmes the Good Work Foundation offers at their campuses and a quick rundown of each.

Open Learning Academy

This programme is a model for rural school children, focusing primarily on digital, maths, English and wild-literacy, as well as life skills. 

Bridging Academy 

Designed for adults looking to enter the workforce, the Bridging Academy is a year-long course. It teaches them skills needed in a 21st Century workplace and equips them with the motivation and a sense of purpose to take that next step in their lives.

IT Academy

Based at their Hazyview Digital Learning Campus, the Good Work Foundation's IT Academy assists with further education in the "Technical Support" field.

The Good Work Foundation Travel and Tourism Academy (TTA)

Mpumalanga, where the Good Work Foundation is located, is close to some of the top safari lodges in the world. Therefore, there's consistent job demand in the hospitality and tourism industry. However, at the same time, there's a shortage of training programmes. As a result, the Good Work Foundation has added hospitality and conservation courses to its offering.

Founder Kate Groch and her adopted daughter Maya

Founder Kate Groch and her daughter, Maya, Image Credit: GWF

Help Make a Difference

Do you want to be part of the Good Work Foundation's story? By travelling with Rhino Africa, voted the World's Leading Safari Company, to Africa, you help contribute to their applaudable work. You can also check out their website here to find out what else you can do to help them make a difference.

We recently embarked on our cycling fundraising event, Challenge4ACause, in Damaraland, Namibia. In honour of the Good Work Foundation's efforts, our riders proudly sported their colours on their kit.

Rider during Challenge4ACause 2022

Challenge4ACause 2022 – in honour of the Good Work Foundation

Travel with Rhino Africa

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Featured Image: The Good Work Foundation

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