August 10

Bloom Bashing: All About South Africa’s Flower Season

August 10, 2022

It's time to let your hair down and, most importantly, time to stop and smell the wildflowers. Bloom hunting season begins in South Africa and sees people chasing blossoms all over the Western Cape. Every second counts and timing is vital when it comes to catching this natural phenomenon, so have your cameras at the ready to capture the magic of springtime's floral blankets – nope, I'm not pollen your leg. Embrace your inner flower-power, and use our bloom-hunting guide to find out all you need to know.

Wild flowers on the West Coast in South Africa

Wild flowers on the West Coast in South Africa

Our favourite place for bloom bashing

During the few precious spring weeks, the West Coast National Park, just over an hour's drive from Cape Town, is carpeted with many species of budding and blossoming beauties. Enjoy a self drive through the park, or embark on hikes and walks on the many trails along the coastline (permits required). The Postberg Flower Reserve section of the park, in particular, exhibits the wonders of the flower season splendidly. Take a basket along, and make use of picnic spots spread uniquely around the park, or pop into their restaurant.

Colourful wildflowers on South Africa's West Coast

South Africa's West Coast showing off

Timing is key

Don't be a late bloomer. With spring beginning in September, the best chance to see the flowers is towards the end of August and mid September. However there may be viewing opportunities at the beginning of August, and right until the end of September. If you snooze, you loose and in this case, if its already summer, that's a real bummer.

Man taking photographs of the wildflowers in the West Coast

Don't miss out on taking photos of the wildflowers in the West Coast

Flowers are cold-blooded

Without the rays, you won't be able to gaze. Just as we tend to hide inside on a cloudy day, so the flowers tend to do the same. The flowers only beautifully open fully on sunny days.  The best time of day is when the sun is at its highest, and so this is around 10:30 am until 3:30 in the afternoon. However, its best to arrive early to avoid the queues.

Close-up of wildflower in South Africa

Flowers in the West Coast of South Africa

Wandering through Wildlife

Not only are the flowers attracting you, but other quirky creatures too. View countless birds, antelope, bat eared foxes, honey badgers, mongooses, tortoises, mountain zebra, aardvark, black-backed jackal and insects in the parks. You might even have a  sea view, marvel at  whales and dolphins which frequent these coasts.

Eland walking through yellow flowers in the West Coast South Africa

Eland walking through yellow flowers

Wildflower shows

The Western Cape also have many wildflower shows celebrating the coming of spring and its varied flora. Many of these offer floral displays, a variety of workshops, cafes and indigenous landscaped gardens showing off the vibrant flowers that bloom at this time of year. You can see these flora collections at the following flower shows:

  • Hermanus Flower Festival
  • Caledon Wildflower Show
  • Hopefield Fynbos Show
  • Clanwilliam Flower Festival
  • Darling Wildflower Show
Tortoise walking through the flowers of the West Coast of South Africa

Tortoise among colourful flowers

Our favourite places to stay in the West Coast:

Time to see the flowers in South Africa! You can't blooming miss it. Contact our Travel Experts to experience our colourful rainbow nation in spring. We can't wait to welcome you (back) on our continent!

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