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By Daryll Williams | October 18, 2022

Chapter 7: Asian - Updated 2022

Cape Town brims with places specialising in dim sum, sushi, chow mein and Peking duck. Whether it’s a multi-course dinner you’re after or a quick bite to eat, the Mother City has you sorted.

Bombay Brasserie

Cape Town’s most elegant dining room also happens to serve the city’s most mouth-watering meals, which are all skillfully prepared using traditional ingredients.

Why go?

Offering an opulent, yet classic, setting, the restaurant indulges in a glittering atmosphere and an Indian-inspired menu created by world-renowned Chefs from India.

Serving choice Indian dishes & wine in an intimate chandelier-lit dining room, Image Credit: Bombay Brasserie


a: The Taj Hotel, 1 Wale St, Cape Town
t: +27 21 819 2000
h: Monday to Saturday, 16h00–22h30

Momiji – Tjing Tjing

As the latest addition to Tjing Tjing’s three-level Japanese dining concept, Momiji is inspired by the structure and detail of a classic Japanese kaiseki menu, with the food veering towards fine dining with a Tokyo twist.

Why go?

The sophisticated, minimalist décor exudes traditional Japanese elegance and makes for the perfect fine-dining backdrop in this one-of-a-kind space.

Offers understated space showcasing their talented kitchen team's creativity, Image Credit: Momiji – Tjing Tjing


a: 165 Longmarket St, Cape Town
t: +27 21 422 4374
h: Thursday to Saturday, 12h00–21h00


Thali takes you on a visual journey where intricate postcard art, kaleidoscopic patterns, vibrant colour and Indian intrigue abound. The interiors and garden area make for an exotic and unique eating experience.

Why go?

The menu doesn’t conform to conventional Indian cuisine, but incorporates traditional ingredients and techniques to make for some exquisite Indian-fusion.

Contemporary Indian restaurant around the concept of "thali", Image Credit: Thali


a: 3 Park Rd, Gardens
t: +27 21 286 2110
h: Monday to Saturday: 18h00–21h30

Torii – Tjing Tjing

You’ll find this brightly coloured street-food joint at street level, where the electrifying, Harajuku-inspired décor reflects the palate-popping menu.

Why go?

This is the perfect place to grab a glass of Tjing Tjing’s signature house wines and catch up on life with friends—the ideal spot when you’re looking to hide away from the bustle of the rooftop bar upstairs.

Offering modern Japanese culture and cuisine, Image Credit: Torii – Tjing Tjing


a: 165 Longmarket St, Cape Town
t: +27 21 422 4374
h: Tuesday to Saturday, 12h00–21h00

YU at The Onyx

Slick, downtown influence makes up YU’s contemporary take on Asian dining, which sits in the upmarket, New-York inspired Onyx Hotel.

Why go?

Look out for interesting textures, Japanese matchbox art and an eclectic octopus mural.

Pushes the boundaries of Japanese cuisine, Image Credit: YU


a: The Onyx Hotel, 59 Heerengracht St, Cape Town
t: +27 21 111 0453
h: Monday—Saturday: 12h00–23h00.

Featured image credit: Valentin B. Kremer

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