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By Daryll Williams | October 18, 2022

Chapter 11: Drinks

Whether you’re looking for high-end concoctions mixed by a tied and suited bartender or pining after the most scenic summer sundowner spot, one of these top spots in and around the city should have you covered.

Momiji Lounge – Tjing Tjing

If you don’t have time for the full kaiseki experience of the restaurant, or just want a quiet, exquisite drink, Momiji Lounge is where you should install yourself. Tucked away adjacent to Momiji Restaurant, the lounge is dark and moody, with sunken booths and a long, low couch.

Why go?

This reservations-only lounge enjoys a wide variety of speciality spirits, cocktails, Japanese whisky, premium sake and a unique wine list to complement the food.

Expect a wide selection of bespoke cocktails, Image Credit: Momiji Lounge


a: 165 Longmarket St, Cape Town
t: +27 21 422 4920
h: Tuesday to Saturday, 16h00 till late


Fable is a haven for cocktail enthusiasts, where each signature drink is a masterpiece inspired by local fables, promising an unforgettable night out in Cape Town.

Why go?

Step into this enchanting world, where every cocktail is a work of art meticulously crafted and perfected. Whether you're a local looking for a vibrant nightlife spot or a visitor seeking a unique experience, Fable offers the best of Cape Town's cocktail culture. Immerse yourself in the stories behind each drink inspired by local myths and legends, and let Fable weave its magic into your evening. Plus, there's a small selection of seriously enticing comfort food.

Experience the magic for yourself at Fable

Experience the magic for yourself, Image Credit: Fable


a: Corner Bree &, Wale St, Cape Town
t: +27 66 009 7786
h: Tuesday to Thursday, 17h00 till late
h: Friday to Saturday, 16h00 till late

Art of Duplicity

The bar will transport you to another time using a space filled with luxury crystal glassware, mahogany, soft amber lighting and the hum of live jazz.

Why go?

Hidden in a top-secret location and inspired by the 1920s Prohibition Era, The Art of Duplicity is only accessible to those lucky enough to obtain a reservation and secret password.

Decadent jazz and cocktail speakeasy bar, Image Credit: Crave Concepts


a: Secret location in Cape Town which you find out after booking
h: Tuesday to Saturday

Cause Effect Cocktail Kitchen

This cocktail emporium is turning the traditional on its head—making it a must-visit for cocktail-lovers wanting to broaden their horizons.

Why go?

The menu of bold and expertly-crafted cocktails (updated every month) is divided into three parts, the cocktail equivalent of a three-course meal.

Uses raw ingredients and effects them into flavour, Image Credit: Cause Effect Cocktail Kitchen


a: 280 Dock Road, The Rocket Shed, 280 Dock Rd, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town
t: +27 21 422 0266
h: Monday to Friday, 10h00 – 01h00; Saturday to Sunday, 09h00 – 01h00

The Gin Bar

Tucked away behind Honest Chocolate Café on Wale street, the Secret Gin Bar is a Mediterranean-style, exclusively gin-serving spot that has been feeding the centre of Cape Town with some creative gin cocktails over the last few years.

Why go?

Boasting an impressive collection of over 40 locally crafted gins, the mysterious bar manages to conjure up some of the tastiest concoctions around.

They have more gins than you can shake a stick at, Image Credit: Secret Gin Bar


a: 64A Wale Street, Cape Town
t: +27 71 241 2277
h: The Gin Bar: Monday to Wednesday, 17h00 – 01h00; Thursday to Saturday, 15h00 – 01h00
h: Bubbly Bar: Wednesday, 05h00 – 01h00; Thursday to Saturday, 03h00 – 01h00

The House of Machines

The House of Machines was created to be the essential bricks-and-mortar meeting house for a community, a beacon against the white noise of everyday life. It’s the personification of many passions: All things finely curated, well crafted and purposefully made.

Why go?

Built around genuine people, authentic history and a desire to create new memories, The House of Machines is all things motorcycles and riding, live music, solid cocktails, craft beer, bold coffee and classic apparel.

Think bar, bikes and music, Image Credit: The House of Machines


a: 84 Shortmarket St, Cape Town City Centre
t: +27 21 426 1400
h: Monday to Friday, 07h00 – 02h00; Saturday, 09h00 – 02h00

Yours Truly

This hipster watering hole, draped in jacaranda trees and immersed in greenery, is set in one of the busiest and trendiest areas in Cape Town.

Why go?

Visit the fairy-light covered rooftop bar and try out the delicious cocktail menu.

Immersed in greenery, Image Credit: Yours Truly


a: 73 Kloof St, Cape Town
t: +27 21 426 2505
h: Monday to Sunday, 07h00 – 00h00

Featured image credit: Yuanbin Du

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