October 18


October 18, 2022

Chapter 5: Steak - Updated 2022

Just like you couldn’t visit the Big Apple without biting into a much-too-large slice of pizza, you just can’t leave Cape Town without clinking glasses and indulging in some sizzling sirloin, fiery fillet or medium-rare rump.

Butcher Shop and Grill

Sporting a modern steakhouse vibe, with glass and leather accents, Butcher Shop and Grill enjoys a prime spot on the Mouille Point promenade. The menu flaunts sultry dishes such as steak tartare, oxtail in a rich red wine gravy, sweet, sticky, fall-off-the-bone beef ribs and an extensive wine list.

Why go?

This old-fashioned butcher has traditions that run deep, with specialist blockmen who cut and prepare your meat as you like it.

Sample rump, sirloin, fillet, ribeye, T-bone and prime rib aged for 21-40 days, Image Credit: Butcher Shop and Grill


a: 125 Beach Rd, Mouille Point
t: +27 21 434 0813
w: www.thebutchershop.co.za
h: Tuesday to Sunday: 09h00–23h00

Carne on Kloof

As its name suggests, this Italian carnivore’s paradise is all about the meat. The sirloin, rib-eye and rump are cooked to perfection, every time.

Why go?

The modish bar lounge is dotted with paraphernalia reminiscent of a traditional Italian butchery, like butcher’s blocks and a retro Italian meat slicer.

Thier award winning recipes like to let steak do the talking, Image Credit: Carne on Kloof


a: 153 Kloof St, Cape Town
t: +27 21 426 5566
w: carne-sa.com
h: Lunch: Friday to Saturday: 12h30–15h00
h: Dinner: Monday to Saturday: 18h00–23h00

Nelson’s Eye

Though unassuming from the outside, Nelson’s Eye is real deal and old-school. That’s because they’ve been cooking some of the best cuts of meat since the 60's.

Why go?

Over the years very little has changed, and given the homely atmosphere, good service and superb selection of cuts, it’s no wonder that it’s still going strong well over 50 years.

Pride themselves in producing superior steaks, Image Respect: Nelson’s Eye


a: 9 Hof St, Cape Town
t: +27 21 423 2601
w: www.nelsons-eye.co.za
h: Monday to Saturday, 17h00 till late

The Hussar Grill

This much-beloved steakhouse serves quality speciality steaks across the country, embodying the very finest of Grillroom traditions.

Why go?

After 55 years of practicing the art of cooking steak, Hussar Grill has perfected the craft.

Perfectly aged succulent steaks and delectable house specialities, Image Credit: The Hussar Grill


a: 163 Beach Rd, Mouille Point
t: +27 21 433 2081
w: https://www.hussargrill.co.za/
h: Monday to Sunday: 12h00–23h00


Specialising in the very best export quality grain fed and grass fed beef, Belthazar is a multi-purpose restaurant, grill, wine bar and gourmet home accessory shop. Belthazar brings a chic new concept in the culinary arts to Cape Town.

Why go?

Together with the largest wine bar in the world, look forward to an authentic selection of South African Game which includes Blesbok, Gemsbok, Kudu and Crocodile to name a few.

Veritable theatre of fine food and wine, Image Credit: Belthazar


a: 154 Vic Warf, Victoria & Alfred Waterfront
t: +27 21 421 3753
w: www.belthazar.co.za
h: Monday to Sunday: 12h00–23h00

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