October 24

Celebrating 10 Years of The Good Work Foundation


October 24, 2022

As Rhino Africa, we’ve been part of The Good Work Foundation’s story for many years now. So, understandably, we were overflowing with emotion when we attended their 10-year anniversary celebration in Hazyview, South Africa. Here’s why and how this decade of dedication to “wonder-filled learning” has made its mark on these learners and their families. And on Rhino Africa.

The Good Work Foundation

When you see a pink T-shirt, you're bound to see a smile

Who is The Good Work Foundation?

The Good Work Foundation (GWF) is the first digital learning campus model for African rural communities. Its goal is simple – to use digital learning to shape a better future.

Founder and CEO of the foundation, Kate Groch, saw a massive gap in the education system, particularly in rural communities. So, she started to reimagine education in these areas. And, a decade later, she’s continually touching hearts and changing lives by opening up and shaping minds, giving them a chance for a future they never imagined possible.

The Good Work Foundation has been one of our Impact Partners for years now. Because one of our core pillars is to uplift local communities, their purpose fits squarely into ours. We’re proud to have been able to play a part in their inspiring story. And by travelling with us, it’s you, our guest, who plays the leading role in driving positive change in Africa.

Tickled Pink: Coming Together to Reflect 

On Friday, the 26th of August, attendees streamed through the balloon arch adorning the Good Work Foundation campus entrance in Hazyview. And the bright sunny weather matched the brilliant smiles of everyone attending.

A decade ago, The Good Work Foundation was born. And by looking around at the amount of people arriving at the campus, you could just tell that it has had a massive ripple effect, reaching far further than these grounds. 

Founder and CEO David Ryan at The Good Work Foundation 10th anniversary

Rhino Africa's Founder and CEO David Ryan (middle) at The Good Work Foundation 10th anniversary

The guest list included everyone from graduates, to members of the South African Educational Department, guest speakers, tourism partners like Rhino Africa, Londolozi, and many more. And there was a contagious feeling of hope and excitement for the future in the air. We had a couple of Rhinos in the audience too, including our very own CEO and Founder of Rhino Africa, David Ryan. It was so incredible to attend this in-person event and see some familiar faces.

Nelson Mandela Quote at The Good Work Foundation 10th anniversary

Some wisdom from the late Nelson Mandela

The event celebrating 10 years of The Good Work Foundation was emotion-filled, with plenty of first-hand accounts of how it has positively impacted not only these learners but also their families and surrounding communities. Where there was nothing before – no facilities or connection to the outside world – after The Good Work Foundation started setting up their campus and satellites, they gave birth to something much bigger: hope.

Happy woman hugs child at The Good Work Foundation 10th anniversary

Smiles and tears of joy all around

From the Hearts of Learners

A couple of learners took the stage to read out poems, sing songs, and give speeches. It really made us feel so proud to be associated with The Good Work Foundation. Their work and the long-lasting effects of it, really paints a beautiful future for our country. Here are extracts from two learners who took the stage to express what The Good Work Foundation has meant to them.

“What a great gift god gave me, 
What a process (sic) road
I have to travel my life, your life, our life. 
That has been destroyed by materials.
Where is humanity?
Are you united by the world?
So, take my hand and follow my heart

Together, as one, we will never part. 

Happy 10 years Good Work Foundation.”
Young girl learner gives speech at The Good Work Foundation 10th anniversary

A moment of pure gratitude

“(Life is either a daring adventure of nothing at all)

It’s been hard but we made it through 

It took courage, persistence, perseverance and dedication

The storm came – but we remained

Challenges came – but we remained

Fluctuations came – but we remained

It only took an ironman to survive throughout this, which is Good Work Foundation 

It's their vision to provide fun while learning 

But for us it's to address the imbalances of the past.”

Learners give a speech at 10th anniversary of The Good Work Foundation

Smiles and words from the heart to celebrate 10 years of The Good Work Foundation 

To The Next 10 Years and Beyond

As Rhino Africa, we've been so fortunate to spend time with The Good Work Foundation and to see first-hand what a difference they make in the world.

We'll continue to support them on their journey, and if there's one thing we know for sure, it's that they're definitely not stopping here. We're excited to see what the next ten years will bring.

Leave Your Lasting Legacy in Africa

We invite you to come and see Africa's wide-open landscapes, fascinating wildlife, and vibrant cultures. But mostly, to feel her heartbeat. That's why we love what we do. To see the wonder in your eyes when you finally get your first taste. And to make it even more impactful, if you book your travel plans with us, you get to leave a lasting legacy on the continent by directly contributing to organisations like The Good Work Foundation.

We hope to welcome you on African soil soon. Contact our Travel Experts today, and let's start planning!

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