November 3

How Luxury African Travel Has Changed – For The Better!


November 3, 2022

Although luxury African travel has changed over the past couple of years, it has only gotten better. Gone are the days of copy-and-paste generic tours. Now, guests have higher expectations than ever. It's a good thing we've always focused on tailor-made itineraries anyway! And as Africa's Leading Safari Company, we're still here, stronger than ever, and ready to serve! From our perspective, here's how luxury African travel has changed and what you can expect when booking your safari holiday with us in 2023.

Luxury African travel is bigger and better than ever

Luxury African travel is bigger and better than ever

Luxury Travel Trends in Africa 

Luxury African travel has changed with some apparent trends emerging over the past two years. Here are just some of the top ones we've seen from our personal experience of booking dream African holidays for our guests.

Experiential Exclusivity 

We've certainly seen an increase in experiential travel requests. Travellers no longer want to just see the same-old, same-old. Instead, they want to immerse themselves in the local cultures, cuisines, history, and more. Of course, this also means they want to book tailor-made holidays so they can pick what interests them most. 

Furthermore, guests also yearn for exclusivity. Whether that means a private helicopter tour and picnic or a luxury lodge booked out just for them, the discerning traveller is looking for just that little bit extra.

Sunset views in Kruger: How Luxury African Travel Has Changed – For The Better!

Our Travel Experts make sure you get the dream safari you deserve

A Wealth of Wellness 

After the past two years' knock-on effect on our mental and physical health, it's no surprise that we've also seen wellness taking centre stage when guests book with us. This not only pertains to the destination they want to visit, but also the choice of accommodation, activities, and even the dining options they can expect. 

Online Support and Bookings 

With everyone moving even more online over the past two years, customer expectations when it comes to accessibility and timeliness have also increased tremendously. They expect businesses to make booking their holiday easy so they can do it whenever and wherever they are – preferably from their phones. 

Everything Ecotourism 

Probably most notably, we've also witnessed a renewed appreciation for ecotourism. Guests want to feel good about what they're spending their money on, whether it be actively participating in an ecotourism activity or simply having peace of mind that the tour operator or accommodation option they've chosen treads lightly. 

white rhino grazing on grass at sunset

Conservation is close to our hearts at Rhino Africa

Why You Should Book With Us

If you want to get access to the best the continent has to offer, you must ensure that you book with the best tour operator. And as Africa's Leading Safari Company for the eighth year running, we've worked hard to keep this title by putting our guests first. What does this mean? Well, we're constantly innovating and finding new ways to make planning your much-needed and anticipated holidays easier and, well, less stressful! 

Here are just some of the ways we've switched things up to change the world of luxury African travel.

Let's Get Personal with Tailor-Made Itineraries 

No two people are the same. So, why would they want the same holiday trip? From the group you're travelling with, the occasion, transport, activities, food and drink preferences – a memorable holiday lies in the detail of planning! So, whether it's a family adventure, solo sojourn, fun-filled holiday with friends, or your honeymoon, we can tailor it.

Our African Travel Experts also make it their business to know everything about our continent. They sleep in the beds, eat the food, go on the game drives, and chat with the owners – they experience everything first-hand so that they know precisely what they're suggesting to you.

Exclusive family experiences in Africa

Experience unique family activities personalised to your needs and wants

Peace of Mind with Refundable Deposit

Life happens, and we get that. That's why we offer an industry first – 100% refundable deposits for risk-free bookings. You can read more about what this entails here. 

We'll Be There for You 

Booking your travel plans online has never been easier with our easy-to-use online booking platform. Furthermore, you also get your own local personal Travel Expert at your fingertips. So, you'll know that you're never alone in Africa! 

You also don't have to lug around a heavy folder of printed documents. Our digital itineraries give you a clear overview of where you need to be and what you can look forward to doing there! 

Book your holiday online with Rhino Africa

Booking your holiday online with Rhino Africa is a breeze

In Africa, It's All About Who You Know 

We don't mean to brag, but we know everyone worth knowing in the luxury African travel game. Over the past 18 years, we've built lifelong friendships and valuable partnerships with Africa's top luxury brands to work together and bring you only the very best in the biz. Our relationships are stronger than ever after we've weathered this storm together, and we only partner with those who share our same values.

We also keep them in the loop during your travels, from your preferred wine cultivar to special requests like a rose petal bath for your special occasion. Together, we'll make you feel right at home in Africa. 

Doing Good Wherever and Whenever We Can 

At Rhino Africa, we're big on doing good. We have several Impact Partners we support aligned with our core values of protecting our wildlife and landscapes and uplifting our local communities. 

The Good Work Foundation's students

One of our Impact Partners, The Good Work Foundation, enables and teaches students to work with technology

Come Experience Luxury African Travel

Do you want to experience what booking with the best in the biz is like? Contact our Travel Experts today, and let's start planning! 

X Rhino Africa Consultants

Plan your African Safari today

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