February 17

Wedding Anniversary in Africa: True Tales from Our Guests


February 17, 2023

A wedding anniversary in Africa is an experience like none other. It's not every day that couples get to celebrate their love in such a magical place – let alone milestone moments! But for our three happy couples, Africa was the perfect destination to mark their special wedding anniversaries. Take a look at how these life partners celebrated their commitment in true whimsical and wild fashion.

Private sundowner drinks with glowing lanterns in Cape Town

Tara & Travis’ 10th Wedding Anniversary

"Our Rhino Africa consultant planned an unforgettable 10th-anniversary trip to South Africa and Vic Falls! We were thrilled with all of our accommodations and their level of service, and all of the other logistics ran smoothly. " – Tara

Happy couple celebrating a decade of love in Africa, Image Credit: Tara Randolph

Tara and Travis, the beloved duo celebrating a decade of love, embarked on an alluring adventure to commemorate their commitment to each other. Seeking a romantic getaway, they found an ideal escape for their wedding anniversary in Africa.

Three breathtaking hotels and lodges – each more enchanting than the last – offered the couple a chance to escape and celebrate their ten-year union. To kick off the trip, the Tree House Boutique Hotel, a dazzling wonder in Cape Town, provided a peaceful haven for the two lovebirds to cosy up and explore the city's delights.

Cape Town boasts a plethora of scenic hiking trails, Image Credit: Tara Randolph

Chundukwa River Lodge, with its magnificent riverside view near Victoria Falls, was next on their agenda and not only provided Tara and Travis an intimate safari setting, but a chance to savour the stunning sights of one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. 

A daring swim in Devil's Pool, Image Credit: Tara Randolph

Lastly, at the serene and exclusive Waterbuck Lodge in Thornybush Private Nature Reserve, the couple was treated to a spectacular Big 5 safari experience. Surrounded by bountiful wildlife and lavish lodgings, there was no better way to conclude their tenth year of companionship.

A secluded and serene safari, Image Credit: Tara Randolph

Erica & Victor’s 25th Wedding Anniversary

"This trip was everything we wanted and more. The safari was fantastic, and Silvan Safari was an excellent choice. The private tours in Johannesburg and Cape Town were wonderful as well. The tour guides were extremely knowledgeable. We would highly recommend Rhino Africa!" – Erica

A momentous celebration filled with wildlife and culture, Image Credit: Erica Bullock

Next up, we have sweethearts Erica and Victor, commemorating their silver anniversary! This chic duo desired a charming concoction of bygone eras, artistic grandeur, lush greenery, and wild creatures – and a wedding anniversary in Africa was the place to satiate their desires.

Silvan Safari World's Leading Luxury Lodge has an incredible piool

Spectacular views from the deck at Sabi Sand's Silvan Safari

They embarked on a three-part journey that offered the ideal balance of comfort, culture and adventure. The Peech Hotel in Johannesburg acted as their first tranquil oasis, where they could lounge and relish the City of Gold's rich history and colourful culture.

A well-appointed boutique hotel in the heart of Sandton, Image Credit: The Peech

At Silvan Safari in the leopard-filled Sabi Sand, Erica and Victor were given a chance to intimately connect with Mother Nature and each other while lounging in the lap of luxury.

And last but certainly not least, The Bay Hotel in Cape Town served as the perfect perch to bask in Camps Bay's beautiful ocean vistas and vibrant ambience.

Views of one of Cape Town's most beautiful beaches, Image Credit: The Bay Hotel

Marg & Dick’s 50th Wedding Anniversary

"Our recently completed trip confirmed for us once again how the spirit of Africa "captures one's heart and soul." This trip, our sixth, was planned to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary." – Marg

Magical moments in Africa, Image Credit: Marg Guit

Finally, we have the lovely duo, Marg and Dick, who are ringing in a whopping 50 years of married bliss! This golden couple was on the prowl for an epic adventure, and Africa was the answer to their wildest dreams. 

They took residence at four off-the-beaten-path lodges, each offering a one-of-a-kind experience. Tengile River Lodge, a veritable Eden for nature enthusiasts, allowed Marg and Dick the perfect opportunity to unwind in the wild and surrender to the magic of each other's company.

Gorgeous location raised high above the riverbed of the Sand River, Image Credit: andBeyond

The Londolozi Tree Camp, where the couple could swoon in the grandeur of panoramic views and the thrill of Big 5 sightings, was simply a fairytale location for the two lovebirds to bask in the wild splendour of the terrain.

On the other hand, the marvellous Matetsi River Lodge, a dreamy blend of charming design and oh-so-modern amenities, treated the darling duo to a lavish experience.

A space to indulge and discover the precious natural wonders of Zimbabwe, Image Credit: Matetsi River Lodge

And, to complete their blissful adventure, the stunning Duba Plains Camp, nestled in the picturesque heart of the Okavango Delta, was the ultimate pièce de résistance, granting them a front-row view of the wildlife-abundant waters of the Delta, making their hearts soar.

Romantic setting among game-rich grasslands and seasonal floodplains, Image Credit: Duba Plains

Here’s to Your Next Wedding Anniversary in Africa!

These three dazzling duos inspire us all that a wedding anniversary is not just a milestone but a beautiful journey that deserves to be celebrated in an extraordinary way. 

So, to all the lovebirds out there, take a cue from these amazing couples, contact our Travel Experts, and let's make your next wedding anniversary in Africa an unforgettable one.

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