April 11

All-Inclusive Safari Costs Unpacked


April 11, 2023

On the hunt for an all-inclusive safari escapade in Africa? A wild retreat teeming with exotic creatures without any sneaky predators lurking in the form of unexpected charges? Look no further, dear adventurer! As the World's Best Safari Company, we create luxury safari itineraries with just about everything under the sun. So then, what does the cost of your all-inclusive safari with us cover?

Bem-vindo ao seu próprio paraíso privado da vida selvagem

Luxury lodges that have it all, Image Credit: Belmond Khwai River Lodge


Yes, your accommodation is covered. We know how important it is to have a luxurious, safe place to rest after a day of exploring the beauty of the wilderness. We wouldn't dream of sending you out into the wild without a cosy not-so-little nook to call your own, complete with all the necessary amenities and a plush bed fit for royalty!

Elegant safari living at Sabora Tented Camp, Image Credit: Singita

Food and Drinks

Generally, on an all-inclusive safari, all your meals, snacks, water, tea and coffee, and selected beverages (normally local brand alcoholic drinks) are provided. You better believe that on an all-inclusive safari, we've got you covered from breakfast to dinner, snacks to sips. So, prepare for a food coma because we'll feed you a lot!

A light lunch at SIlvan Safari in the Sabi Sand Game Reserve

Ignite all the senses with the tastes of Silvan Safari 

Flights and Transfers

When you book a luxury safari itinerary with us, we do everything to make your travel arrangements as comfortable as possible. All those pesky domestic and regional flights and transfers? Covered. We're the logistics wizards that will ensure you won't be left high and dry. Sit back, relax and focus on the breathtaking scenery, the wildlife, and the once-in-a-lifetime experiences that await you.

Flying over the Okavango Delta, Image Credit: Wilderness Air

Safari Activities

Yes, all standard game drives are usually included too, but some lodges offer bespoke experiences as optional extras that incur an additional cost. For example, just imagine drifting above the savannah in a hot air balloon, sleeping under the stars in a treehouse, or really getting to know Mother Nature by going fly camping. These offbeat adventures are just some of the extras on offer!

Twice-daily game drives are just the start, Image Credit: Royal Malewane

Spa Treatments

No, spa treatments are not included. But fret not – it's worth the splurge! Luxury lodges offer a sensational selection of lavish spa indulgences that will have you feeling like a million bucks. Also, these treatments are charged straight to your room, so you can ditch your wallet while getting your nails, face, or muscles pampered to perfection.

Silvan Safari Ansellia Spa hot stone massage

Heal your mind, body and soul with sumptuous spa treatments


No, souvenirs are not included. Unfortunately, the addition of complimentary souvenirs in your all-inclusive safari package is about as likely as a giraffe riding a unicycle! Alas, you will have to rely on your purse and pockets to acquire those treasured trinkets and mementoes from your wild and adventurous journey. However, that being said, some luxury lodges do leave you a little something on your bed to welcome you...

Lodge boutiques feature a wide range of items sourced from local artisans, Image Credit: andBeyond


No, gratuities are not included. These are "en vogue" in African culture, so don't be caught slipping when it comes to tipping! However, don't feel obligated either – you only tip if the experience left you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. And don't stress. We'll give you the lowdown on the going rate for gratuities before you jet off! Plus, we've compiled this guide to tipping to prepare you for what to expect.


Guests experience are the ultimate priority of the team at Silvan Safari

Your All-Inclusive Safari Unpacked




Spa treatments

Meals, snacks and selected beverages


All regional and domestic flights and transfers as booked


All standard game-viewing and cultural activities

Additional experiences

Queen Elizabeth II erfuhr in Kenia vom Tod ihres Vaters und wurde Königin

Dive into African culture while on safari, Image Credit: Sanctuary Retreats

Your All-Inclusive Safari Awaits!

Look no further. Our all-inclusive safari packages have all the must-haves and lavish features of your African escapade. From snazzy lodgings and gourmet eats to flights and transfers, we've got your back so you can relax and relish the fauna, landscapes, and culture of Africa. Get in touch with our savvy Travel Experts today!

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