May 14

Timing Your Tropical Getaway: When to Visit Mauritius

May 14, 2023

Bonjour, fellow island lovers! Wondering when to visit Mauritius, huh? Well, we don't blame you for wanting to visit this exquisite paradise! With the dreamiest beaches, ritziest resorts, and more fun than you can shake a palm tree at, it's the dream holiday. Well, lucky for you, as frequent Indian Island inspectors, we know all the best times to travel to Mauritius.

When to Visit Mauritius; Woman with a sunhat walking towards the beach

Mauritius does, without a shadow of a doubt, hold true to its idyllic island image

When to Visit Mauritius?

Sure, for most of the year the sun-kissed beaches will welcome you with open arms. But if you're particular about seasons, let us break it down for you: there's a wonderfully cooler winter, a stunningly warm summer, and a brief smidge of wet and windy weather in-between. So, let's dive right in and find your perfect time for ideal island vibes.

Mauritius and its crystal clear waters

Palm-fringed oasis of beautiful white sands and sapphire waters

When to Visit Mauritius – Summer 

Mauritius turns up the heat in November through April and gets those tropical vibes pumping! The weather is hot and humid, with the mercury hitting peak levels in December, January, and February. Sure, there are the occasional showers here and there, especially in the central plateau, but that just adds to the lush, green beauty of the island.

Furthermore, this is the perfect time to dive into some epic scuba action – especially from December to March – or reel in some serious fish on a deep-sea fishing adventure.

Woman testing idyllic crystal clear waters on a beach

Endless stretches of powdery sand, turquoise water bursting with coral life and colourful fish


November in Mauritius brings some pleasant summer sizzle! Things are heating up, with a touch of humidity following suit. But don't worry, as it's not all sweaty sauna vibes – most days are straight-up tropical bliss. With longer daylight hours, you can soak up that sweet Vitamin D before those sporadic tropical summer showers sneak in.

But hey, rain or shine, it's time to dive into the fun! And quite literally, as November is the perfect month to grab your scuba gear and get ready to swim with some seriously cool marine life. Hawksbill and green turtles are just the beginning of the underwater encounters that await you. So, let's make a splash!

Turtle in the Indian Ocean

When to visit Mauritius? Well, during turtle season, of course!


If you're wondering when to visit Mauritius for activities and adventures, then December should definitely be on your radar! Sure, the humidity levels rise as the month goes on, and you might get caught in a shower or two later in the day, but the sun almost always reappears in a jiffy.

And don't even get us started on the water – it's wonderfully warm! It's the ideal time to break out the snorkelling and scuba gear or try windsurfing and kayaking. However, it's no secret that December is a hot ticket item for a beach getaway, so we suggest you plan ahead and book your slice of paradise before it's all snapped up!

When to Visit Mauritius; aerial view of many people windsurfing in Mauritius

When visiting Mauritius, try your hand at wind and kite surfing


January is one of the year's wettest months, but that won't stop the holidaymakers from flocking to the island after the festive season. Even though there are heavy downpours in the afternoon – and you should maybe keep an eye out for some epic storms on the horizon – it's still a great time for scuba diving and deep-sea fishing.

Welcome to paradise - The Best Luxury Hotels in Mauritius

Mauritius' warm tropical waters are just bursting with marine life!


February in Mauritius is no less exciting! The island is still sizzling with hot and humid weather, and although it may rain a bit, the showers usually pass quickly. February is your go-to month if you're looking for a more peaceful vacation with fewer crowds. Just be warned, cyclones can be a buzzkill, so avoiding travelling this time of year may be best if you're looking for postcard-perfect beach days.

Crystal clear waters surround coral-filled shores

Crystal clear waters surround coral-filled shores


When to visit Mauritius for a colourful cultural experience? We highly recommend the month of March! This time of the year is a lot drier than January and February. So grab your friends, put on your funkiest outfits, and get ready to mix with the locals to paint the town red (and blue, and green, and pink...)!

The year's third month brings the Holi Festival and a lot of fun! At this time, you can join the locals in celebrating the "Festival of Colours" as they pay homage to the mighty Lord Krishna. And during this time, the streets are lined with enthusiastic attendees dancing and throwing around vibrant hues of powdered fun.

Festivities with people throwing coloured powder

Holi celebrations in Mauritius last two days with traditional cuisine feasts, singing and dancing to folk songs


April in Mauritius is prime time to hang ten and catch some gnarly waves or dive into those gorgeous crystal-clear waters for some snorkelling shenanigans. During this time, the sun is shining, and the ocean shores are absolutely divine! However, the beaches get busier during Easter, so if you're seeking serenity, we'll help you set your sights on a different date.

Loungers and thatch umbrellas on a white sandy beach

This coastal paradise will help you forget all your worries back home, Image Credit: The Oberoi Mauritius

When to Visit Mauritius – Winter

Winter in Mauritius, from May to November, is dry and warm – need we say more? However, if you're planning on exploring the east coast, you might want to hold off until after August to avoid those trusty trade winds...


May might mark the start of the chilly season, but don't let that freeze your travel dreams. During this time, Mauritius enjoys comfy mid-range temps (with cooler evenings) and way less humidity – so no sticky icky feeling. Trust us, with some sweet travel deals on offer, May is the perfect time to jet off to this paradise.

You can still indulge in all sorts of aquatic adventures. But we've got a hot tip for you – don't miss out on the epic Chamarel 7 Coloured Earth Geopark! This place is seriously mind-blowing, with sand in different hues like green, blue, brown, yellow, red, violet, and purple. It's like nature decided to paint the earth in a vibrant burst of expression.

colourful sands of Chamarel 7 Coloured Earth Geopark

The Land of 7 Colours at Chamarel offers a unique experience not only for geology and nature lovers but anyone 


Calling all June bugs for some radiant vibes because this month brings sunny days galore! Now, if you're all about that blazing hot heat, you might find the temperatures a tad chillier than you'd like, with average highs around 24°C. But fear not. Just throw on some layers for those evenings outdoors, and you'll be good to go.

Winds start picking up in June, so we suggest you gravitate toward the west coast, where the shores are more sheltered. But for all kite-surfing fundis curious about when to visit Mauritius for breezy times – we've got a hot tip for you – make a beeline for the windy side of the island. The wind is blowing, and the energy is electric!

Woman kitesurfing with sunset and sea background

June is the perfect month to visit Mauritius if you’re an avid kite-surfer


July in Mauritius keeps the good vibes going with mild winter temps, crystal-clear skies, and some gnarly waves for all you surfing fanatics out there. But if you want to soak up the sun in the best possible weather, head on up to the north of the island. Trust us, you won't be disappointed!

Now, we've got to be real with you – the ocean might be feeling a bit feisty for some underwater adventures like diving and snorkelling. But there's still plenty of fun to be had on the shores with world-class resorts curating loads of recreational activities, and we can assure you from personal experience that they'll keep you busy so you won't get bored.

Maurício tem muitos resorts de luxo para escolher

Mauritius has many luxury resorts to choose from, Image Credit: The St. Regis Mauritius Resort


August in Mauritius is where it's at – the temperatures are milder, the rain is a no-show, and the humidity is just right. It's also the month of festivals! So, get ready to party it up with the Ganesh Chaturthi Festival, where you'll spot stunning statues of the Elephant God all around the island, honouring this beloved deity.

Elephant statue

Ganesh Chaturthi Festival in Mauritius


If you're planning a trip to Mauritius, let us tell you a little secret – September is the way to go! September is the unofficial start of peak season, so you get all the perks without the crowds. The strong trade winds calm down, the temps start to heat up, and those long days of sunshine are just begging for some beach time.

Plus, you'll score some sweet deals on flights and accommodations, so you can indulge more in all those marvellous Mauritius experiences. Think exploring hidden coves, snorkelling with colourful fish, and tasting all the local delicacies.

When to visit Mauritius: A woman snorkeling in the sea

Explore vibrant coral reefs when visiting Mauritius


October in Mauritius is phenomenal. The air is full of that tropical warmth you crave, and you've still got a few months before those pesky rain storms roll in. Sure, it's a bit busier at the most popular spots, but that's just more people to party with!

And speaking of parties, get ready for another spirited celebration because the Hindu festival of Diwali is in full swing! This Festival of Lights transforms Mauritius into a magical wonderland, with candles and lamps lighting up the island in the most enchanting glow. This spectacular display is the perfect cherry on top of your sensational holiday sundae!

Beach at sunset with hammock and palm tree

The island is a glowing display of sheer natural beauty

When to Visit Mauritius – Ready, Set, Beach!

We've given you the scoop on when to visit Mauritius. This paradise on earth is where crystal-clear waters, pristine beaches, and luxury resorts collide to create the ultimate beach holiday experience. So, why wait? Pack your sunnies, flip-flops, and a dash of spontaneity because it's time to start planning your ultimate island adventure. 

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