May 18

Our 200,000 Happy African Travellers Explained


May 18, 2023

Hey there, African Travellers! Are you ready to take your travel game to the next level? We're not just talking about the usual fun and frolics here in Africa – we're talking about using travel as a powerful tool for change. That's right, travel can be a force for good, and it all starts with our happy travellers – all 200,000 of them!

Fique tranquilo ao viajar com a Rhino Africa

You, our happy African travellers, make a positive impact on our continent's people and wildlife

1 Sustainable Job Created for Every 7 Visitors

Now, we all love the idea of jetting off to far-flung destinations, exploring new cultures, and immersing ourselves in unforgettable experiences. But what if we told you that your travel adventures could be so much more than just a fun vacation? Did you know, for every seven people who travel to Africa, one new job is created in the tourism sector? It's true! 

And with over a whopping 200,000 ecstatic travellers under our belt, we've contributed to the creation of more than 28,500 jobs in Africa! These jobs are not just benefitting the employees, but they're also supporting their families – and with up to 10 family members being supported per job, that's positively impacting over a quarter of a million people!

Staff at Silvan Safari, World's Leading Luxury Lodge

African travellers booking with Rhino Arfrica help us create jobs throughout Africa

Going Further...

But Rhino Africa's impact goes beyond job creation. We've also partnered with some incredible organisations to make an even bigger difference. For example, the Good Work Foundation – one of our Top Impact Partners – provides education and career development opportunities to rural communities in South Africa, giving young people the tools they need to succeed. Or the Khumbulani Day Care Centre, which supports vulnerable children and families in Cape Town affected and infected by HIV/AIDS, providing them with essential resources and care where they need it most.

mandela day 2022 at khumbulani educare centre

Khumbulani Day Care Centre is a haven for over 300 children

Furthermore, another one of our Impact Partners, Wildlife ACT, is focused on protecting endangered species across Africa, while Challenge4ACause encourages individuals to support African charities through adventure challenges. And then there's Save the Rhino Trust, dedicated to conserving and protecting rhinos in Namibia. These partnerships aren't just making a difference – they're changing lives and creating a better world for all of us.

Man putting a collar on an endangered African wild dog to help track and protect it

WildlifeACT is not afraid of getting their hands dirty to save our endangered species, Image Credit: WildlifeACT

And Beyond…

But Rhino Africa's commitment to positively impacting the world doesn't stop there. We're deeply committed to preserving Africa's wildlife and wild spaces so that future generations can enjoy the same amazing experiences we do today. By working with local communities, supporting conservation efforts, and promoting responsible travel and green practices, we're doing our part to protect Africa's incredible natural beauty for those generations still to come.

Nourish village

Supporting community-based and conservation projects, Image Credit: Thornybush

Make a Difference, Travel with Us

So, if you're looking for a travel experience that's not just mind-blowing but also meaningful, join our 200,000 raving fans who've made a difference in Africa, leave your lasting legacy and start planning your African holiday today. Who knew that going on safari could be so inspiring? Let's all do our part to make the world a better place, one adventure at a time!

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