January 18

Africa is Now Closer Than Ever: Direct Flights to Africa From The U.S.


January 18, 2024

Our continent is closer than ever for Americans, with new flights to Africa from the U.S. recently added. For many Americans who've previously ventured to Africa, the continent is not just a distant land but a cherished memory, a place of adventure and discovery. And now, these direct flights from major U.S. cities like New York, Atlanta, and Washington D.C. to Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa, have made revisiting these African dreams more accessible and convenient than ever.

View of a plane's wing in flight

New direct flights to Africa from the U.S. are a game-changer

Rekindling African Adventures

If you've experienced the journey from the U.S. to Africa, you'll be familiar with the challenges of long flights and multiple layovers. However, direct routes from cities like New York, Atlanta, and Washington D.C. have now significantly streamlined this journey.

This development is a game-changer for those wishing to relive their African safari experiences or explore new parts of the continent without the hassle of complex travel arrangements.

woman airplane Botswana

Your African adventure is more accessible than ever

From American Cities to African Safaris

The opportunity to swap the familiar American city streets for the vast, open landscapes of Africa is now more enticing and easier to achieve. Whether you're leaving behind the bustling avenues of New York, the southern charm of Atlanta, or the political heart of Washington D.C., these direct flights bring you closer to the African wilderness in far less time. 

Delta Airlines: Atlanta (Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International) to Johannesburg - 7 flights a week - Daily.

New York
United Airlines: New York (Newark Liberty International) to Cape Town - 3 flights a week - Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

United Airlines: New York (Newark Liberty International) to Johannesburg - 4 flights a week - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday (up until 29 March 2024).

United Airlines: New York (Newark Liberty International) to Johannesburg - 7 flights a week - Daily (from 30 March 2024).

United Airlines: Washington (Dulles International) to Cape Town - 3 flights a week - Monday, Thursday and Saturday.

Imagine returning to the places where you once witnessed the Great Migration or encountered the Big 5, reconnecting with Africa's spectacular natural beauty and heart-warming people. 

The Great Migration

Seeing the Great Migration in action is a memory you'll cherish forever

Africa: A Return Journey

If you've been to Africa before, the continent is a familiar escape, filled with unexplored adventures and memories you'll love reliving. Delta and United Airlines' direct flights from three major U.S. cities, each taking approximately 15 hours, reopen the gateway to these experiences. 

So, whether planning a quick getaway or a more extended exploration, Africa's proximity allows for more spontaneous and frequent visits.

Elephant sighting on a game drive

Your African safari is closer than ever before, Image Credit: Londolozi

Explore More

Having already experienced some of Africa's vibrant cultures and histories, returning travellers can delve deeper into what the continent has to offer. From your arrival in Johannesburg or Cape Town, so many other African destinations are within easy reach. Uncover Botswana's bountiful wildlife, Namibia's deserts or Zanzibar's silky beaches, and so many more. 

The new direct flights from New York, Atlanta, and Washington D.C. to Johannesburg and Cape Town not only make travel to Africa more comfortable but also reignite the passion for a continent that has already left an indelible mark on many Americans. 

Africa, with its endless adventures and enduring charm, is calling you to return.

Dunes in Sossusvlei, Namibia

Just when you think you know Africa, she's got another trick up her sleeve

Let's Get You to Africa 

So, whether you're from the East Coast, the South, or anywhere in between, it's time to relive your African memories. The only difference this time? Africa is closer and more accessible than ever, ready to welcome you once again.

Reach out to our Travel Experts today, who'll orchestrate every little detail so you can just enjoy the moment! 

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