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Beyond the Vine: Unique Experiences in the Cape Winelands

By Hanli Matthee on June 28, 2024

Living near the Cape Winelands is a blessing. Not just because it's a setting that looks like it's straight out of a fairy tale, with rolling vineyards set against jagged mountain ranges, but because there's always something new and interesting to look forward to. As locals, we set out to explore the lands and vines to seek out our favourite unique experiences to add an extra dose of adventure to your Cape Winelands holiday.

Fly in style to your fine wine tasting in the Cape Winelands with Cape Town Helicopters, Image Credit: Marlin Clark

Helicopter Flight and Wine Tasting

We love going over the topof mountains. With Cape Town Helicopters, you're airlifted in style at the V&A Waterfront and taken directly to a luxurious wine estate, including Babylonstoren, Creation, De Grendel, Groot Constantia, and Delaire Graff.

When you arrive, you'll be treated to fine wine and delectable dishes. These Winelands Flights are sure to tick more than one item off your adventurous bucket list, and your unique half-day experience will depend on the wine estate you choose.

Other experiences include:

Picnic on the mountain

Picnic on the mountains, Image Credit: Cape Town Helicopters

Blend Your Own Scrub at Babylonstoren

Swop the seasonal blend-your-own-wine experience during harvest for a year-round blend-your-own-scrub experience at Babylonstoren's Scented Room. The room itself is an experience on its own. When you step inside, you're greeted with an array of aromas.

While you can browse through luxurious soaps, oils, and creams, they invite you to blend your own body scrub, bath salts, and face masks. All the base ingredients are provided, and you can choose between different essential oils to add fragrance. Trust us when we say the exfoliating body scrub will leave your skin as smooth as silk. 

Blend your own scrub at Babylonstoren

Blend your own scrub, Image Credit: Babylonstoren

Varietal Glass-Specific Wine Tasting at La Motte

On the surface, this might seem like a normal wine-tasting experience. Every wine enthusiast not only appreciates the craftsmanship of winemaking but understands the importance of enjoying wine from the right glass. 

The Glass-Specific Wine Tasting allows you to taste your favourite varietals from a control glass and from varietal-specific Riedel stemware. The latter is moulded specifically to enhance the wine's characteristics and bouquet. Strictly by appointment, the wine tasting experience is hosted in a private wine tasting room and presented by La Motte's wine tasting ambassadors.

Varietal wine tasting experience at La Motte

Taste the different vartietals from the best glassware, Image Credit: Meridian Wine Merchants

Indigenous Food and Wine at Vergenoegd Löw 

This is no ordinary food and wine pairing. It’s a journey of atypical combinations of flavours and textures. If you want to taste truly South African food and pair it with local wines, the Indigenous Food and Wine Pairing is calling your name.

The team carefully crafted an experience that combines authentic and cultural food with the Vergenoegd Löw Wine range. Think biltong, bokkom, sour fig, spekboom, and amasi. Futhermore, the tasting is set in the historic Manor House, declared a national monument in 1974, to further enhance the experience.

Vergenoegd Löw's Indigenous Food and Wine pairing is a truly South African experience, Image Credit: Peartree Photography

The Jazz Club at Hazendal

Once a month, Hazendal hosts a Jazz Club evening with contemporary cuisine and fine wine while you're entertained by some of South Africa's top and emerging Jazz talent.

The first item on the evening's repertoire is a journey through Hazendal's premium wines. Next, enjoy fine cuisine while you sway to the beat and sign to the chords. Let the rhythm flow through you just like the wine.

A night of jazz, wine, and all things fine

A night of jazz, wine, and all things fine, Image Credit: Hazendal

Experience the Cape Winelands

Regardless of the season, the Cape Winelands is a canvas of colour, texture, and experiences. While summer months are a kaleidoscope of green and lush lawns, white wine, and picnics, autumn and winter months have hues of orange leaves, flickering fireplaces and red wine.

Want to explore the Cape Winelands? Browse through a few tour ideas or reach out to our Travel Experts to start planning.

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