February 13

Make a Hot Date With Africa


February 13, 2024

What's cooking, good looking? Looking for a date this Valentine's Day? Because we've found the perfect partner in crime, ready to sweep you right off your fabulous feet. No need to dress to impress – simply come as you are. Your date is all about steamy bubble baths in the heart of the bush, getting sand in all the right places, and indulging in a little tumble with the king of the jungle! And who's this delectable date, you ask? It's Africa, baby! So get ready for your hot date with Africa...

Romantic picnic at Tongabezi

You have a hot date with Africa, Image Credit: Tongabezi Lodge

Big Daddy Dune – Namibia

Meet Namibia's Big Daddy Dune – the strong, silent type ready to steal your heart! Standing tall and tan, he's on the lookout for a partner to join him on some epic sunset strolls, exhilarating sandboarding adventures, and deep conversations about living that dune life.

He's no one-hit-wonder, though. He loves going on adventures like horse riding through the desert, indulging in romantic stargazing sessions, and floating away on dreamy hot air balloon rides. So, come on and embark on a sandy little love affair. You know you want to…

Dunes in Sossusvlei, Namibia

He's big, he's bold, and he's all yours!

Sassy Serengeti – Tanzania

If "Out to Africa" Meryl is your favourite Meryl, then Serengeti hailing from Tanzania is your girl! She's a small-town girl at heart, with a passion for fiery sunsets, starlit nights and classic safari flair.

However, she's also a bit of a socialite and loves playing hostess to the world's greatest wildlife show, The Great Wildebeest Migration, and she does it all without breaking a sweat! She's waiting to help you witness Africa's raw and untamed beauty and keep you smiling from ear to ear. 

Un safari en globo es una de las experiencias favoritas de los 5 grandes

Serengeti is waiting for you!

Wanda – Rwanda

Meet Wanda, the Rwandan beauty ready to sweep you off your feet! Imagine strolling through lush jungles together, sharing whispers amidst misty gorillas, and locking eyes with a girl as passionate about the environment as she's about making your heart race. 

Sheltering the world's last mountain gorillas, Wanda is on a mission against deforestation and is looking for a co-conspirator in love and conservation. If you're ready for a flirtatious adventure and share a passion for saving the planet, Wanda is not just looking for a date; she's searching for someone to be the Tarzan to her Jane and take a swing into the wild side of romance.

Meet the mountain gorillas in Rwanda, Image Credit: Wilderness

Miss Victoria Falls – Zimbabwe/Zambia

She's beauty, she's grace, she's Miss Victoria Falls. An adventurous soul who creates rainbows while the sun is shining and just loves to surprise you with a rare moonbow at night. Not a fan of dry spells, she enchants with misty marvels and paints the skies with picture-perfect hues.

If you're into rainforest strolls and roaring good times, you'll fall head over heels for Miss Victoria Falls – she's an enchanting marvel overflowing with charm. So get ready because, with a little bit of smoke and a whole lot of thunder, she's ready to be your world wonder! Let our sweet Vicky do her thing and whisk you away on an adventure you won't soon forget. 

Aerial view of Victoria Falls

Victoria will have your pulse pounding!

A Spicy Siren – Zanzibar

Looking for a date that’s a little more spicy? Then Zanzibar's your girl! She’s all about those beachy waves, strolls on the beach and stolen kisses under the stars. So come on and dip your toes in her silky soft sand.

She’ll take you through spice markets, dance with you under palm trees and chase all the different shades of the sunset. She’s the perfect companion to help you turn up the heat.

Las muestras de arena sedosa de Zanzíbar son súper atractivas

Zanzibar is a keeper 

Little Miss Nosy Be – Madagascar

Now, little Miss Nosy Be is our island enchantress who just loves to move it, move it! She'll keep you captivated with playful leaping lemurs and point out those sneakily camouflaged chameleons.

She's sophisticated, with the scent of ylang-ylang fields following her wherever she goes, but she's ready to get down and dirty with some fun diving adventures. Shunning the mundane, she's looking for someone who gets her – a blend of thrill-seeker and tree hugger, ready to explore her depths while safeguarding her secrets. Dive in for a wild ride!

She's quite something, Image Credit: Time + Tide

Your Majesty Queen – Botswana

Every king needs his queen, and this girl right here is the perfect candidate for a royal love affair. Meet the Zambezi Queen. She's classy, just the right amount of sassy, and buoy oh buoy, does she just love tying you up in knots.

As cool as the cucumbers in those G&Ts she loves so much, it will be a go-with-the-flow kind of date. Hop on and get ready for the ride of your life down the Chobe River in Botswana. You'll have a whole new safari experience. Trust us, this girl will float your boat. 

All aboard – you have a date with Africa, Image Credit: Mantis

Prince Charming – Kruger National Park

Say hello to Prince Charming, a.k.a. Royal Malewane Safari Lodge in Greater Kruger National Park  – decked out in acacia leaves and boasting a lion's roar that'll make your heart race. 

He's ready to slip off your glass slippers, slip on some vellies, and take you on a tour through Kruger! Complete with flirty sundowners, bush bubble baths with views to die for, and starlit skies that are just perfect for setting the mood. 

A setting fit for royalty, Image Credit: Royal Malewane

Burly Birkenhead – Hermanus

Ever dreamt of a date with a Greek god? Decked out in coastal elegance, Birkenhead is ready to take you on a whale of a time along the shores of Hermanus. 

He's seeking a mortal companion to share in the wonders of this seaside paradise – from cliffside views to the majestic whales gracing the shores, Birkenhead invites you to dive into the depths of romance. Craft a love story as timeless as the tides with this sea deity, and get ready to make some waves together in the embrace of his aquatic realm.

Your date with a Greek god awaits, Image Credit: Birkenhead House

Sultry Santa Maria – Mozambique

Meet Santa Maria, the enigmatic flame from the inviting Mozambique. With a charm that rivals the African sun, Santa Maria invites you to plunge into the tantalising depths of life's adventures. 

She's your accomplice in creating stories that are as spicy as Mozambican cuisine. If you're up for an escapade where every moment oozes seduction and fun, Santa Maria is your playmate in this exotic playground.

Saintly seaside Santa Maria, Image Credit: Kilima Sanctuary

Ready for Your Hot Date with Africa? 

Swipe left on ordinary dates – it's time to swipe right on a date with Africa! Are you ready to be wooed by Big Daddy Dune or treated like royalty by Zambezi's Queen? How about spicing up your life with Zanzibar's beachy waves?

Don't settle for the usual – let misty marvels, island enchantments, and jungle thrills be your Valentine's rendezvous. Contact our Travel Experts, and they'll happily play matchmaker this Valentine's Day – because you deserve only the best!

Espere muito romance ao sol nas Maldivas

Walk off into the sunset with Africa!

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