March 26

Why a Zimbabwe Safari Will Take You By Surprise


March 26, 2024

A Zimbabwean safari is akin to a hidden treasure – known to those who seek it yet concealed to the casual observer. It stands as the underdog of African safaris, much like the underestimated character in a bestselling novel. While many flock to world-famous (and rightly so!) destinations like Kruger National Park, Zimbabwe patiently awaits its moment, poised to amaze those who uncover its secrets. With the expert guidance of our Travel Expert, Sam, we unpack why Zimbabwe is a safari gem...

Zimbabwe's exclusivity makes for an unforgettable safari, Image Credit: Nyamatusi Camp

Why Zimbabwe is a Safari Gem

So, what exactly is it about Zimbabwe that has left such a lasting impression on Sam, someone who's been all over Africa for countless exciting safari adventures?

"The fact that it's so remote makes Zimbabwe stand out. If you do a safari in Hwange and Mana Pools, or even the Kariba area, it's very quiet, and there are generally far fewer vehicles. You also often get the opportunity to get out of the vehicle, do some proper walking, and get up close to animals. You don't tend to fight for sightings with other guests. You can go a whole game drive without seeing another vehicle." – Sam.

You'll feel as if you are the only people in the park, Image Credit: Somalisa Camp

"I love Zimbabwe. I absolutely absolutely love it! It's very close to my heart because every time I've been to Zimbabwe, regardless of the hotel, camp, or destination I stayed at, it has always delivered something amazing. The people are very friendly. It's not inauthentic, it's not overhyped, it's real. It's calming, it speaks to you, it's real Africa." – Sam.

Expect the unexpected when on a Zimbabwean safari

Addressing The Elephant in The Pool

One of the incredible things Zimbabwe always delivers on is elephants! You'll have your fair share of elephant sightings when visiting the country.

"For me, elephants come to mind when I think of Zimbabwe, only because I've had the most insane elephant sightings and interactions. Every time, it has been elephant central. I know they say Botswana is the land of elephants, but I think Zimbabwe is the land of elephants, as I've seen the most incredible huge tuskers in Hwange." – Sam.

A bull elephant making his presence known in Hwange National Park

One such memorable Hwange National Park elephant sighting happened while Sam was enjoying a dip in the pool at Somalisa Camp

"It's not just something you see on Instagram  this happened to me, on the night I stayed there. They had a swimming pool, and the elephants would come every day, and they would all just drink out of the pool. Young, old, big, small, all the ellies would just drink out of this pool. We literally saw they were drinking out of the one side, and I was sitting on the other side of the pool, and there were like six of us just sitting there watching, taking photos, hearing the slurping. It was insane, absolutely insane." – Sam.

In fact, thirsty elephants have become such regular visitors to the outdoor pool at Somalisa that a second pool had to be built - reserved solely for humans to enjoy!

Somalisa Camp

Take a dip and watch as herds of elephants pass by!

They Let The Dogs Out

Sam's contagious enthusiasm for Zimbabwe is truly captivating. As I listened to her speak, I found my own excitement and curiosity beginning to flourish. Being naturally inquisitive, I couldn't resist asking about one of her most unforgettable experiences, which turned out to be encountering African wild dogs, one of the most elusive animals to try and spot on safari, in Mana Pools National Park.

"We were doing a safari walk, and we happened to see some. We crouched down and sat there and watched them for almost an hour just interacting. And because they were so close, they were literally on the other side of a dry riverbed; we didn't bother them, and they didn't bother us. There was no one around us. No vehicles, no noise, no anything, just us on foot and these animals, and it was the most incredible sighting." – Sam.
Wild dogs in Mana Pools

Get up close to one of Africa's most elusive species

Book Your Zimbabwean Safari Now!

So, there you have it! Straight from someone who's been to Zimbabwe (multipe times!), and loved it. Zimbabwe is calling your name and has so much to offer. 

Take a page out of Sam's safari book and add Zimbabwe to the top of your travel itinerary to experience the magic of an authentic and exclusive safari.

Reach out to our Travel Experts today, and let's craft your perfect itinerary!

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