Zambia's premier attraction is undoubtedly Victoria Falls, which it shares with neighbouring Zimbabwe. You can stay in either country but most travelers head to Zambia these days. One of the world's seven natural wonders, the Falls are simply spectacular and when in full flood are the largest falling curtain of water in the world. And you can enjoy an array of activities in the 'Adrenalin Capital' of Africa. Visit the Zambia section on our website.

  • Where there's smoke there's... Victoria Falls

    By Tamlin Wightman |

    "Even the greatest literary masters would certainly have fallen silent facing such majestic and everchanging scenery. A human being is totally incapable of describing Mother Nature where she performs with such a might as at the Victoria Falls - there, Man just has to adore her!" - Dr Emil Holub Last week we were in Botswana; this week - Zimbabwe. Such is the beauty of Africa that sitting still is practically impossible. In "Where The Elephants Roam", Daisy and Chantal from our team of eight new consultants took you to Chobe, Botswana. Today, Tiina and Britta (our German language experts) and Camila (our Portuguese senhora) take over the journal to share their Zimbabwean segue with you, following the Zambezi to Victoria Falls. Including these destinations in one trip is easy to do bec...

  • My Trip | It's My Party And I'll Fly If I Want To

    By Tamlin Wightman |

    I don't like grey hairs and ticking biological clocks as much as the next person, but all those things getting older brings aside, birthdays should never lose their delight. All that hullabaloo over one person, all that cake... Birthdays should be wondrous events that brighten the world, if only for one day. Like our client, Alicja Suchorska from Poland's big day last month. With the help of our tavel expert-ess, Samantha, Alicja's husband, Pawel, whisked her away to the Victoria Falls to celebrate. She has yet to disclose just how many candles lit up her cake this year, but let's throw specifics out the window and marvel at the birthday present of the year.  When your wife, husband, consort of whichever sort, tells you they don't want anything for their birthday, remember this st...

  • The Big 3 | Explore Cape Town, Kruger & Vic Falls

    By Tamlin Wightman |

    We have just returned from another stupendous New York Times Travel Show! Thank you for having us, now good night! As Simone de Beauvoir phrased it, “There is something in the New York air that makes sleep useless.” The Big Apple’s incredible spirit captures our hearts and imaginations every time we visit, as we know Africa does for every traveller who steps foot on her precious soil. We thoroughly enjoyed meeting all who popped by our booth at this year’s show and we can’t wait to welcome you to Africa. Helen, Geraldine, Anton and the rest of the team look forward to planning your ultimate vacation – simply drop us an e-mail at or enquire here. From the urban jungle of New York to the wilds of Africa... We’ve put together an exclusive Rhino Afric...

  • My Trip | In the Heart of Africa

    By Tamlin Wightman |

    Anne and Mark Thomas, two uprooted Americans who now call Abu Dhabi home, travelled with us through our bombshell consultant Chantelle last year. After Cape Town and Kruger they stopped in Zambia. Sailors, racers, travellers... and so much more, they're quite capable of telling this story. So I'll let them take you to Africa for a change. Read their stories, see their photos, and try to resist not hopping on the next flight into the heart of Africa. Over to you, Anne... Mark admits to our friends that when we first began to travel, he didn’t want to go to Africa. "Oh, you’ll go back," our British sailing friend Martin, who does business there, told us. "Nobody goes to Africa just once." Now having been there, we both want to go back some day. We could not have dreamed of a better e...

  • My Trip | From the Zambezi to "Ka-ka-na-ka"

    By Tamlin Wightman |

    Meet Andy and Fran Browne, two retired American gringos (their words) living in the wild coastal reaches of Playa Hermosa, Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Married for 38 years, the couple had often dreamed of coming to Africa, to explore a wilderness of a different kind. And so, late last year, they did just that. Planning and booking their trip through our senior consultant, Helen, the couple ventured on an African safari, covering the Kruger National Park, Zambia and Botswana, as well as the Garden Route and Cape Town. Andy took it all in through the lens of his video camera, filming their antics as they went along - from tracking the Big 5 to braving the Zambezi's white waters. When they returned home, he compiled his footage in an exciting nine-part video series, letting us join him on t...

  • My Trip | Lori Captures The Victoria Falls

    By Matthew Sterne |

    After the high of Namibia through Lori's lens, I hit somewhat of a slump. A Tom-Petty free fall. A will-I-ever-receive-photographs-like-Lori's-ever-again depression. The possibility that Lori went on other African adventures was the only thing that rescued me from the darkness. Motivated by this flicker of hope, I scrounged through our archives. What I found was an adventure that Livingstone would lift his hat for. A few years back, Lori and her husband Chuck embarked on an epic trip to Zimbabwe and Botswana, organised by our very own, Dee Dlamini. When I first cast my eyes on Lori's photographs of Namibia, I was silly. I was that child in the marshmallow experiment who forfeits a second marshmallow for a more immediate sugar rush. Restraint never occurred to me. A tad overexcited, I...