by Craig Harding on April 19, 2012
2 min read

Look at all the pretty pictures! Sometimes writing about a destination just won’t do it justice. Sure if you’re a master of the pen and your descriptions rival those of the Bard himself, that’s perfect. Unfortunately our esteemed writer and resident master of the written word, Tamlin is currently out of the office. This leaves the task to me and I’m still struggling too, to, two learn the difference, if you get my drift. So instead I’ve put together a visual feast showcasing the Indian Ocean Islands. The Indian Ocean is the third largest body of water in the world and nestled in its warm waters are some of Rhino Africa’s most romantic destinations.

Find out more about the Indian Ocean Islands on our website here.

Would you be happy with your husband on the phone in the Maldives? Touch down in the Seychelles and stay for awhile. The Indian Ocean is known for exceptional scuba diving. Romantic dinner for two on a beach in Mozambique

Discover Madagascar, land of Lemurs and chameleons and find out about travelling to Madagascar on our website. If you’re looking for further reading, David Ryan wrote a great series of posts about his trip to Madagascar, right here on the Rhino Africa Safaris blog.

Catching a ride on a traditional dhow at Mnemba Island Lodge Whooo hoo, what fun. Sking for kids in Mauritius. Get in touch with your thoughts alone on a beach in Mauritius Water based accommodation options in the Maldives

Situated in the western waters of the Indian Ocean off the east coast of Africa, the Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands scattered across the deep blue sea. Find out how you can book your trip to the Seychelles with Rhino Africa Safaris on our website.

Chilling out in your private plunge pool in the Maldives Kick back and relax in Reunion Work on your tan on a beach in Mauritius

Mention the word Mauritius, and travellers picture a palm-fringed oasis in the Indian Ocean, while those who have been here heave a sigh of contentment. Discover more about this fantastic island getaway on the Rhino Africa website.

Enjoy a ride ona traditional dhow in Mozambique Take a stroll on fregate Beach in the Seychelles

If you’re looking for an idyllic honeymoon destination or just want some time out on a secluded and luxurious island retreat, the Maldives is the perfect destination for you, find out all about travel to the Maldives on the Rhino Africa website.

Champagne dinner on the dock in Mauritius Champagne on the Rocks in the Seychelles Kids jumping at sunset - Zanzibar Dinner on the beach in Mauritius

Other great Indian Ocean Island destinations include the eclectic Zanzibar Island and in Mozambique you’ll also find the Bazaruto and Quirimbas Archipelagos. The best thing about all these fantastic island destinations is that they are very easily combined with a safari in the Kruger National Park or elsewhere.

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