September 25

APOTY Favourites | Wildlife Portraits

By Megon Venter on
September 25, 2018

Wildlife Portraits is drawing to a close, sparking us to show a few more of our APOTY favourites from this category. Our next category, Africa Off the Beaten Track opens in October. Enter now and stand a chance to win our grand prize, a luxury stay at three different safari lodges. We are anticipating the announcement of our winner but before this happens, have a look below to make your own decision about some of our contestants who could possibly turn out to be the winner from this selection.

A Summer Sunset

APOTY Favourites
Photo Credit: Darren Colello

A Bit of a Tussle

APOTY Favourites
Photo Credit: Ifham Raji

Due to the building excitement of selecting our winner, we’ve also compiled a collection of wonderful black and white photographs from the Wildlife Portraits category. If you’d like to look back on the entries to our previous categories, such as Roaring Lions & Big Cats, you will find all of the approved entries on our site, compiled in a gallery under each category tab.

A Warning Roar

APOTY Favourites
Photo Credit: Kevin Rooney

A Low Hiss From Below

APOTY Favourites
Photo Credit: Thorsten Hanewald

Every week we showcase a different variety of photographs from the latest entries to our competition. If you don’t find yourself featured but your photographs have been approved, don’t fret! Our judges are still meticulously looking through all the APOTY favourites while we only feature a few that catch our eyes at the top of the pile.

Showing Some Cheek

APOTY Favourites
Photo Credit: Tina Antrobus

Small but Confident

APOTY Favourites
Photo Credit: Jenny Grunwald

Each category is equally important and counts towards the draw for the grand prize as our four category winners are judged side-by-side. While each person wins a pair of Swarovski binoculars, they’ve all been waiting for the big reveal of who will be crowned Africa’s Photographer of the Year. If you haven’t yet read our blogs about the properties that are featured in the grand prize, you’re in for a treat.

A Vibrant Silhouette

APOTY Favourites
Photo Credit: Nick Dale

Autumn Colour Palette

APOTY Favourites
Photo Credit: Paul Murray

Take a look back at last year’s winner of Africa’s photographer of the Year, Clement Kiragu and get inspiration to be the next winner. For more photographs from our contestants, have a look at our previous blogs about APOTY’s Top Entries.


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