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By Daryll Williams | November 19, 2019

Chapter 2: Fine Dining

Grei at Saxon

Most of South Africa’s culinary accolades go to restaurants in Cape Town and the Winelands, but Johannesburg chefs have lately been stepping it up in a big way. Case in point: Grei at Saxon.

Why go?

With chef Candice Philip at the helm, Joburg gourmets can look forward to enjoying a wonderfully inventive six-course menu.


a: The Saxon, 36 Saxon Rd, Sandhurst
t: +27 11 292 6000
h: Tuesday—Saturday : 6:30pm–11pm

Photograph: Grei at Saxon

Est Est Alea

Fine-dining coupled with food exploring all facets of taste, texture, plating and serving style, in an environment that is inimitable to round off the perfect meal.

Why go?

Meaning “The Die is Cast” in Latin, Est Est Alea is an idea born out of the constant evolution within the fine-dining space.


a: Shop 5, Parknorth Heights, 17 4th Avenue
t: +27 82 422 8158
h: Tuesday—Saturday: 6.30pm–9pm

Photograph: Est Est Alea

Signature Restaurant

Signature Restaurant boasts an exquisite menu, with a local and international wine menu for even the most discerning palate.

Why go?

The most exciting and fashionable restaurant in Sandton, offering a unique mix of exclusivity, flexibility, sophistication and design.


a: Shop U13, Rivonia Rd, Morningside
t: +27 87 940 3880
h: Monday—Saturday: 12pm‒12am, Sundays: 12pm–4pm

Photograph: Signature Restaurant


Fermier is an attempt to create a restaurant which in future can become completely self-sustainable by creating an entire “ecosystem” from the fish and vegetables to the livestock, that suits the restaurant’s idea of responsible, conscientious farming, where even “waste” is turned into a functional part of the cycle.

Why go?

Chef Adriaan Maree’s passion shows in everything. From the food to the service which is complemented by the performance art of the open kitchen theatrics.


a: 141 Lynnwood Rd, The Willows 340-Jr, Pretoria
t: +27 76 072 5261
h: Tuesday—Saturday: 7pm–10pm

Photograph: Fermier

Restaurant Mosaic at The Orient

This multi-award-winning restaurant is somewhere you need to dine before you die. Chef Chantel Dartnall is so passionate about the dishes she creates, which is evident in her eloquent descriptions of the different courses before every meal.

Why go?

This eclectic culinary experience is the ultimate escapism.


a: Orient Boutique Hotel, Francolin Ave, Elandsfontein, Pretoria
t: +27 12 371 2902
h: Wednesdays: 7am‒8.30pm, Thursdays: 12.30pm‒2pm, Friday—Saturday: 12.30pm‒2pm, 7pm‒8.30pm, Sundays: 12.30pm–2pm

Photograph: Restaurant Mosaic at The Orient

Featured image credit: Wouter Meijering

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