March 31

Top 10 Safari Sounds


By Tania de Kock on March 31, 2020

Safari nostalgia getting to you? We’ve compiled a list of just some of our favourite safari sounds. From the raspy roar of a lion to the iconic call of the fish eagle, switch off your mind and switch on our top 10 safari sounds of Africa.

1. Lion roaring

The iconic safari sound of Africa, a male lion’s roar can be heard up to six kilometres away.

2. Hyena laughing

Probably Africa’s most misunderstood creature, the hyena is famous for its manic giggles.

3. Elephant trumpeting

Although their trumpet call is certainly loud, they also communicate using low-frequency sounds.

4. Fish eagle calling

If you’ve ever been on safari, in particular in Southern Africa, you’ve probably heard this eagle’s shrill call.

5. Leopard roaring

Mostly silent and elusive, when a leopard occasionally calls out it sounds like a long sawing roar.

6. Bubbling kassina frog calling

The bubbling kassina frogs form part of the evening choir when you are on safari.

7. Hippo grunting

Hippos are aggressive animals and they, therefore, make these grunts in order to mark their territory.

8. Verreaux eagle owl calling

Africa has many owls, but the Verreaux eagle owl is probably one of the most recognisable as it’s so common, especially in Southern Africa. In addition to this, it’s also the largest of all African owls.

9. African wild dog calling

African wild dogs are very social and communicate with each other by using touch, vocalisations and action. This sharp Hoo sound can be heard up to four kilometres away.

10. Woodland kingfisher singing

This distinct call is usually a signal that summer is on its way in the Kruger National Park because it’s generally the first migrant bird to return.

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Evening sounds in Kruger National Park

Early morning sounds in the Okavango Delta

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