October 30

Silvan Safari Blog: Croc Luck


October 30, 2020

In Africa, there is nothing quite like the sundowner stop during the afternoon game drive. This is a time old tradition and allows time to stop and pause, reflect on the day and enjoy the last golden rays of the African sun. On this particular afternoon, we decided to stop at one of the dams on our property to see if anything would join us while we sip our ice cold G&T’s. 

When we arrived at the dam, a breeding herd of elephant greeted us with an earth rattling jog to the water’s edge to quench their thirst. We stayed put in the vehicle, enthralled by this sighting. If ever you get a chance to watch a herd of elephants at the waterhole, grab it with both hands, it is just sublime. Once these boisterous pachyderms had finished and wondered off into the bush, we got back to the important task of pouring those drinks!

Baby elephants playing with the younger members of the herd
Baby elephants love to play around the waterhole

We set up our drinks and proceed to chat about the highlights of the day when our tracker, James, started pointing behind us alerting us to a wild dog chasing an impala towards the water. With a massive splash, the impala collided with the water and started swimming to the other side of the dam to get away from the predators’ grip. Unknowingly, this impala had disturbed a crocodile that was basking on the bank and we watched him slip into the water and disappear under the surface. We watched as the impala made it to the other side missing death by inches. As she sprinted off into the thickets, the wild dog gave up the chase and ran back to find the rest of the pack. With so much excitement, we decided to pour another drink to celebrate the incredible moment we just had. 

As a gentle rain started to move in, we packed up and to see what we could find on the way home. Like a flash of lighting, another impala hurtled out of the bush on our left and leaped into the water with another wild dog chasing after her. What was happening!

This impala was also desperately trying to reach the safety of the other side and swam into the deepest part of the dam to try make it there. Watching in horror, we noticed a massive “V” forming in the water heading directly for the swimming impala. An enormous crocodile was in hot pursuit. With one vicious swipe, the croc took the impala down, never to be seen again. Barely able to believe what we were witnessing, and with very unsteady hands on our phones and cameras, we witnessed one of the most rare and utterly dramatic kills in nature. 

If you are craving the wild open spaces of Africa, and dramatic moments such as these, our little piece of paradise is here & ready to welcome you.

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