July 14

Dulini River Lodge Review: My unforgettable bush experience


July 14, 2021

If you’re aching for a bush escape, our Dulini River Lodge review is for you. Over the last couple of months, we have all struggled with some form of Covid-19 fatigue from not being able to travel or even leave our homes. And after not travelling for 14 months, I was beyond thrilled when  Dulini River Lodge invited me for a safari experience.

Travelling reminded me of what I’ve been missing and longed for – an adventure in the bush!

Aerial view of the Dulini River Lodge

Aerial view of the lodge, Photo Credit: Dulini River Lodge

Arriving at Dulini River Lodge

When we arrived at the lodge, I immediately felt welcome in the luxurious yet comforting space. Polly, the lodge manager, eagerly greeted us, and to put into words the happiness she exuded would be an injustice to the experience. Her warm and welcoming smile was a sight to behold and made us smile too! 

The views from the main area were breathtaking, and we were lucky enough to spot our first visitors – a herd of elephant munching on their lunch right in front of the lodge. 

After this warm welcome, they showed us to our rooms, and this was when my jaw dropped! The attention to detail and endless views immediately made me feel like royalty. 

Suite at Dulini River Lodge

Suite at Dulini River Lodge, Photo Credit: Dulini River Lodge

Meet Ronnie-Ronnie

They served lunch on the viewing deck in the shade of an enormous Jackalberry tree. The cuisine looked like it belonged on the pages of a magazine and tasted even better! However, it was our private butler Ronnie-Ronnie who stole the show by making us feel right at home and sharing a few laughs with us. I feel honoured to have met him! Each meal served by Ronnie-Ronnie at our table was an unforgettable experience. 

Spectactular Sabi Sand

Located in the Western section of the Sabi Sand Game Reserve, the lodge rests on the banks of the Sand River. It has only 6 Rooms, promising a private, intimate safari experience that’s ideal for couples and honeymooners!

Amazing cheetah sighting near Dulini River Lodge

Our amazing cheetah sighting, Photo Credit: Karen Engelbrecht

Phenomenal Wildlife Sightings at Dulini River Lodge

Now, let’s talk about wildlife! Our safari experiences were “out of this world” at Dulini River Lodge. To give you an idea: we saw the Big 5 within the first 24 hours!

On our evening safari drive, we also saw a leopard in a tree, feasting on dinner. A hyena lurked at the bottom of this same tree, waiting for an opportunity to grab some leftovers. It was the first time I saw something like this, and I was in awe!

The following day, we were also fortunate enough to see a cheetah with her two cubs. We sat watching them for a long time, taking it all in. I feel fortunate and grateful for these sightings. Our ranger Dave and our tracker Christopher were highly experienced and accommodating to our endless questions and curiosities.

In Conclusion: Our Dulini River Lodge Review

Overall, my stay at Dulini River Lodge is something I will treasure forever, and I hope to return for some more adventures soon. The lodge is one of my favourites and an ideal place to unplug and reconnect with the bush experience I have missed so dearly.

Views of the Sand River

Views of the Sand River, Photo Credit: Karen Engelbrecht

Dulini River Lodge Highlights: 

  • Beautiful location right on the Sand River in the Sabi Sand Reserve.
  • Romantic ambience and intimate atmosphere with only 6 Suites.
  • Big 5 safari on approximately 11,000 hectares of private space.
  • Suites with private pool and outdoor shower overlooking the river bed.
  • Game drives and bush walks with highly qualified rangers and trackers.

Dulini is ideal for…

  • Honeymooners: The Dulini River Lodge is the perfect retreat to spend romantic hours in the private pool or around the campfire.
  • Couples: Enjoy the tranquillity of nature and the unobtrusive service of the staff.
  • Photographers and adventurers: First-class animal sightings, especially of the elusive leopard, make it ideal for wildlife photography enthusiasts.
  • Travellers looking for luxury: Let the chef pamper you, relax with a massage and enjoy the stylish ambience of the Dulini River Lodge.

Book your stay today

Dulini River Lodge is a must-see, and I would highly recommend it. The lodge can easily be incorporated into an itinerary and would be a highlight of any trip. 

If you are planning to book Dulini River Lodge, I recommend at least a three-night stay. Fantastic special offers are running at the moment for both honeymooners and returning guests. Contact us today to start planning. 

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